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The Interim HealthCare brand includes home care, health care staffing and hospice services. Home Care is a diverse and dynamic industry. Services in the home may be necessary due to acute illness, long term health conditions, permanent disabilities, terminal illness or the impact of aging. Home health care personnel include nurses, therapists and other specialized professionals who provide clinical intervention such as wound care, assistance with medication, improved ability to walk, or teaching individuals and their families' self-management of their condition while remaining at home. Personal care and support services are non-medical and include companionship, homemaking and assistance with activities of daily living such as grooming and bathing. These services are usually provided by personal care assistants as well as companions and homemakers. Healthcare staffing can include providing temporary staff to facilities or companies through a contractual agreement.

Hospice Care was created to support patients who are facing a terminally ill condition, as well as support for their families or caregivers. Although Hospice Care has been available for over 30 years, many patients don't learn about this compassionate model of care until the end days of a terminally ill condition.

The nation's Hospice programs served more than 1.4 million patients last year. Yet for every person who received Hospice Care, it is estimated that another individual who would have benefited, (comma) went without this compassionate care at the end of his or her life.
Hospice is not a place, but a special kind of palliative care focusing on relief of pain, symptom control, spiritual and emotional support. The majority of Hospice Care takes place in the home, where the person can be surrounded by family and familiar settings. An escalated level of Hospice Care is available to provide more intensive medical services in a hospital, nursing home or a special Hospice House.

Hospice is not about giving up, but instead focuses on quality of life - making the wishes of the patient and family caregivers a priority.