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From short-term assistance after a hospital stay to long-term help with everyday tasks, and from highly specialized medical care to daily companionship, we’re here to help provide the individualized care your loved one needs to thrive.

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  • Wound Care
  • Palliative Care
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About Us

Interim HealthCare is a second generation, family owned & operated home health and hospice company. We have been personalizing patient care to meet the unique health needs of our clients, patients, and partners since 1991. We feel that when care is personal, outcomes are optimal.
National Association of Home Care and Hospice
National Association of Home Care and Hospice
The Partnership for Quality Home Health
The Partnership for Quality Home Health
Staffing Industry Analysts
Staffing Industry Analysts

What Our Community is Saying

I love that Interim Hospice is (and always has been) locally owned by a very caring family. As a hospice social worker, I want to work for an organization that is truly concerned with patient care, comfort and what's important to them in their unique life. I'm happy to be a part of such a compassionate team and love my patients and families.
Judy M..
Ada has been one of the best caregivers my family has ever had! She always shows up with a great energy, compassion and patience when caring for my family.
Antonia R..
I just passed my 6th anniversary with Interim. My experiences here have been exceptional from beginning to present! When I first started working here, they showed a dedication to ensuring that I was ready and well-trained to be working on my own in the field. The clinicians I worked with were always available and willing to help and advise whenever I called on them. There
Judy D..
Interim Health Care has successfully helped me through 3 joint replacement surgeries with perfect results. Win Pham, specifically, has been outstanding. Not only does he instruct and monitor progress but teaches the reasoning behind the stretches, exercises etc. which is motivating. To understand the reasoning behind the assigned exercises makes me understand why it is imp
Robin R..
I cannot begin to thank the Hospice Team designated to my husband. They could not have been more attentive, supporting and caring during this difficult time. Thank you for going over and above for us. If I could give a ten star review, I would.
Mary Ann D..
We were so happy with the care that was provided to our loved one. We were unsure of making the decision to get care at first but after many patient and helpful calls with the company we moved forward and are so happy we did. We got excellent communication day in and day out regarding scheduling of our staff and coverage for the hours we needed help. Very grateful for the
Susan G..
Incredible team of hard working people who scheduled and staffed my loved one with amazing caregivers. They worked so hard to fill the schedule and make sure that our family was happy and informed.
Diana G..
The PT (Jose) and the PTA (Stacy), are very professional, personable and friendly. They know their profession and are well educated on therapy and treatment. From the initial assessment with Jose and all of the follow up therapy sessions with Stacy, they have continually had my best interest at heart, building on the exercises and adding activities as needed. They have als
James L..
Interim HealthCare provided home health care services for my father over the past year. I would strongly recommend their services to any family seeking medical and personal care for a family member. They are truly professionals with their care and are just fine people as well. Concerns were addressed in a timely fashion. In particular, Ann Marie and Kesha are great assets
Richard H..
Olivia was an absolute God send for my family. She was so gentle with my Dad & he always knew what she was doing & why. She also sat down & discussed my Dads progression with me she. Again I really want the public to know that all of the staff I had dealings with were so helpful & pleasant. Olivia is an angel & thank you again.
Debbra K..

What’s Happening

Mar. 28
Our Hospice and Palliative team is led by Vice President of Hospice and Palliative Services, Ivan Monev and Director of Hospice Care Services, Rena Kauffman.  We are so proud to have Vikram Aleti and Sean Kuczma as our Medical Directors.  Our clinical team is outstanding.  If you have questions about Palliative or Hospice services please call us at 757-644-6820.  

Common Myths About Hospice:

Myth #1: Hospice care is only for those who have given up on life

Hospice care is as much about how you want to live as it is about how you want to die.

"At the end of life, the concept of hope often changes for people, and their hope shifts to other priorities like quality of life, comfort and peace," says Amy Tucci, the president and CEO of the Hospice Foundation of America. "They want to be around their loved ones and familiar possessions. And they want to have the best quality of life that they can."

Instead of focusing on curing an illness or prolonging death, the goal of care becomes to relieve symptoms and give patients the the best quality of life they can have in their remaining days.

Myth #2: Hospice care is only for terminal cancer patients

When it was first created, hospice care was primarily for cancer patients at the ends of their lives. But today, while many hospice patients do have cancer, the majority have other life-limiting diseases such as Alzheimer's disease, cardiovascular disease and dementia.

Eligibility for hospice care "requires that two physicians agree that the person's illness state gives them a prognosis of six months or less to live, [but] that does not mean that they have to die within six months," Tucci says.

If the patient lives longer than six months but doctors continue to certify that they're terminally ill, they'll receive hospice care for as long as needed, she adds.

Myth #3: Hospice is a place

Hospice is rarely an actual location that people go to. The care almost always is provided where a person lives.

"Generally hospice comes to you where your home is," says Angela Novas, a licensed nurse practitioner and chief medical officer for the Hospice Foundation of America. "So if a home is in a nursing home, that's where hospice goes. If home is in the family apartment, that's where hospice is. We go to the patients."

Hospice patients are assigned a team of providers — a physician, registered nurse, home health aid, social worker and chaplain at a minimum — who regularly check in with them. They work together to provide medical, emotional, spiritual and grief support to not only the patient but also their family, Novas says.

Myth #4: Once you are in hospice care, you have to stay

"One thing that scares people about hospice is that they feel like if they choose hospice, they're stuck," says Tucci. But people can leave hospice whenever they want, she says, and there's always the option to reapply. "So if you decided, for example, that you wanted to try a drug trial or you wanted to consider some sort of alternative treatment for your illness that hadn't been tried, you could leave hospice and do that."

In other words, hospice doesn't mean you or your family are giving up control over your care, or the ability to choose who provides it.

Myth #5: It's always the doctor's responsibility to bring up hospice

"The thing that we hear more than anything from people and their family members is that they wish they had understood hospice better and had accessed it earlier," says Tucci.

Many patients don't know that they can initiate hospice care on their own, or how to start that process. Either they are afraid to discuss hospice or they are waiting for a physician to suggest it, which doesn't always happen, says Tucci.

If a patient is receiving treatments they don't want anymore, they or a caregiver can initiate hospice by starting the conversation with their doctor or by contacting a local hospice provider directly to ask for an evaluation and determine qualification.

Every illness has different indicators for when it might be time to begin hospice, says Tucci.

Myth #6: Hospice care is only for the elderly

Although most people cared for by hospices providers in the U.S. are over the age of 65, the care is available for anyone with a life-limiting condition who meets eligibility.

"There are lots of sort of life-limiting diseases now, such as ALS, that strike typically at an early age," says Novas.

Mar. 28
We formed a foundation years ago and the purpose of it is to give what we call intentional acts of kindness to any hospice patient in the Hampton roads area.  We are a non profit organization.  Some examples of our gifts include a helicopter ride, we took a gentleman to see his horse, we have done numerous anniversary/birthday dinners brought to the patient’s house complete with servers (us!).  Please let us know if you or someone is interested in a memory gift.  They are submitted by Hospice Social Workers.  All requests go to the board and they are vetted and approved there. 

A little more about The Lorraine Bethea Hospice Foundation...

The Lorraine Bethea Hospice Foundation is comprised of community volunteers who wholeheartedly believe in caring for the human spirit and lifting people up in times of transition. Providing hospice Memory Gifts—spirit-lifting, intentional acts of kindness to those on their end-of-life journey—is their joy and mission.


Mission Statement

The specific purpose of the Lorraine Bethea Hospice Foundation is to support hospice patients and their families through intentional acts of kindness for further comfort toward their end of life journey.

What is a Memory Gift?

A Memory Gift is an intentional act of kindness that will lift a human spirit. It varies from person to person and family to family. It may be a dinner at a restaurant, a special experience, or a visit from a special person. Each gift is determined individually. Their goal is to make it happen. 

Mar. 28
March 29th is Mom and Pop Business Owners Day.  We are proudly second generation family owned and operated.  In a healthcare world where corporations are becoming the majority ownership of most healthcare companies, we have the unique relationship of being family owned.  From intake calls to billing processes, our owners are involved in every aspect of the business.  Quality care is paramount to us.  We provide a full spectrum of service that not many others provide, meaning that if you have a care need at home, we can assist you.

David and Kelly Haslup opened Interim HealthCare in Charlottesville, Virginia in 1991 expanding later to the Shenandoah Valley and Hampton Roads.  Current owners David Haslup and Elizabeth Donaldson serve as Chief Executive Officer and Chief Operating Officer.

"Since my graduation from college in 1977 I have had a passion for self-employment.  After investigating a relative’s Interim HealthCare franchise in Indiana I realized that I could combine my passion for self-employment and become a vital member of our community by helping those in need in the comfort of their homes. I never anticipated the extent by which home care would grow since 2001, both in the delivery of care as well as the complexity.Fortunately I have been blessed with great employees and a supportive franchisor that have helped me navigate through the health care maze. I have also been blessed with caregivers that amaze me every day with their commitment and professionalism. But I have also been blessed with a very supportive wife and children who supported me when I was a new owner through today where two of our three children are now running the company and now have total ownership. I can think of nothing better than to see the legacy that my wife and I have built be carried on by our next generation."
- David Haslup, Sr.
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