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From short-term assistance after a hospital stay to long-term help with everyday tasks, and from highly specialized medical care to daily companionship, we’re here to help provide the individualized care your loved one needs to thrive.

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  • Home Healthcare
  • Help at Home
  • Home Care Aide
  • Dementia, Respite, Post Surgery Care
  • Transportation to/from Appointments
  • Meal Prep, Laundry, Housekeeping
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About Us

For over 50 years, Interim HealthCare has been personalizing care to meet the unique health needs of our clients, patients, and partners. Our team's standard of care is centered around HomeLife Enrichment, our unique philosophy which focuses clinical excellence into highly individualized care plans. Because when care is personal, outcomes are optimal.
National Association of Home Care and Hospice
National Association of Home Care and Hospice
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The Partnership for Quality Home Health
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Staffing Industry Analysts

What Our Community is Saying

This place is amazing! Their service is the best I have received , they were fast in responding when we needed help for my 99 year old father . I highly recommend them.
My experience with Kim and her team has been nothing but wonderful! They really take into account what you are working for as a employee and are very accommodating to your needs/wants in regards to hours and work load.
The lady from Interim Healthcare of La Jolla was wonderful. She provided a lot of information. She brought up concerns that I didn't even think we had and brought in ideas on what to do and recommended different places where we could get payment for more hours for them like veterans care and some other stuff. So, she'd been very, very helpful. And she checks up regularly
Very helpful and kind
Both Rashika and Amber are excellent caregivers. And they were both good conversationalists and just good company! Thank you!
Helpful in a very hard situation

What’s Happening

Agency vs Private
Jul. 17
Why In-Home Care?
Jul. 17

Choosing in-home care for an aging senior can offer several significant benefits:

  1. Comfort and Familiarity: Seniors often feel more comfortable and secure in their own homes, surrounded by familiar belongings and routines. This can contribute to their overall well-being and mental health.

  2. Personalized Care: In-home care allows for personalized attention and care plans tailored to the individual's specific needs and preferences. Caregivers can focus on the senior's unique requirements, providing a higher level of customized support.

  3. Independence and Dignity: Aging adults value their independence and dignity. In-home care supports these by enabling seniors to maintain autonomy over their daily lives and personal decisions, with assistance provided as needed.

  4. Family and Community Connections: Remaining at home facilitates easier interaction with family members, friends, and the local community. This social connection can significantly enhance quality of life and emotional well-being.

  5. Cost-Effectiveness: In some cases, in-home care can be more cost-effective compared to residential care facilities, especially when only specific services or hours of assistance are required.

  6. Flexibility: In-home care services can be flexible and adaptable to changing needs over time. Care plans can be adjusted as the senior's health condition evolves, ensuring continuous appropriate care.

  7. Safety and Security: With professional caregivers present, seniors are monitored and assisted with daily activities, reducing risks of accidents or health complications that can arise from living alone.

  8. Peace of Mind for Family: Knowing that their loved one is receiving personalized care in a familiar environment can provide families with peace of mind and alleviate concerns about their senior's well-being.

Overall, choosing in-home care for an aging senior can promote a higher quality of life, independence, and comfort, while allowing them to remain in a place that holds cherished memories and familiarity.

Warning Signs
Jul. 17

Recognizing when a senior may need help at home is crucial for ensuring their safety, well-being, and quality of life. Here are some warning signs to look out for:

  1. Physical Changes: Noticeable changes in mobility, such as difficulty walking or getting up from a chair, unexplained bruises or injuries, or significant weight loss.

  2. Forgetfulness or Confusion: Increased forgetfulness, confusion, or difficulty in following conversations or remembering to take medications.

  3. Neglecting Personal Hygiene: Poor hygiene, unkempt appearance, or a decline in grooming habits.

  4. Changes in Eating Habits: Loss of appetite, significant weight loss or gain, or difficulty in preparing meals.

  5. Unkempt Living Environment: A decline in the cleanliness and tidiness of their home, such as clutter, dirty dishes piling up, or neglected housekeeping.

  6. Difficulty Managing Finances: Unpaid bills, forgetfulness regarding financial matters, or unusual purchases or withdrawals.

  7. Social Withdrawal: Avoiding social interactions, neglecting hobbies or activities they once enjoyed, or expressing feelings of loneliness or isolation.

  8. Accidents or Near-Misses: Increased frequency of falls, bruises, burns, or other accidents in the home.

  9. Medication Mismanagement: Missing doses of medication, confusion about medication schedules, or taking incorrect dosages.

  10. Lack of Transportation: Difficulty driving safely, avoiding driving at night or in certain conditions, or not having access to reliable transportation.

  11. Decline in Cognitive Abilities: Difficulty with decision-making, planning, problem-solving, or confusion about time and place.

  12. Changes in Mood or Behavior: Noticeable changes in mood, increased irritability, anxiety, or signs of depression.

When these warning signs are observed, it's essential to discuss them with the senior and their healthcare provider to determine the best course of action, which may include arranging for in-home care, additional support from family members, or other necessary interventions to ensure their safety and well-being.

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