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By Terry Lange daughter for Florence Miller

I'm very pleased with care my mother receives from Interim. The Home Health Aides see her for mobility maintenance and even due to her severe limitations they are able to work with her and help make her mobility better with her daily activities. I so appreciate the encouragement they give her. Also, a nurse supervises the case and on her last visit when she was checking mom's lungs she found problems. She contacted the assisted living facility and the doctor. Mother was diagnosed with pneumonia, but because of the Interim nurse it was caught early, she is being treated at home and is doing well.


By Josephine Clark

Josephine states she is very pleased with services. "Especially happy with the nurses who come every week and set up my pill box. They make things so easy to understand. They also check my vital signs and they always ask about how things are going with the aide that helps me. The Home Health Aide helps with my bath and runs errands for me. I appreciate all they do and they are all so honest."


By Lois daughter for Frances Reeder

The nurse was wonderful! She was very knowledgeable and did an excellent job; she deserves a gold star and she was so caring. Mother had nursing services under Medicare and she gets Home Health Aide through Passport for her showers and other personal care. We are very pleased with services.


By Mrs. Sobosly wife of Joseph Sobosly

Mrs. Sobosly states she was very pleased with care. Everyone knew what they were doing. They saw my husband when his pacemaker was infected for IV's at home. All the nurses were wonderful. We, also, had Physical Therapy and were very pleased with the services. We would use Interim again if we ever need home care and would recommend your agency to anyone who needed home care.


By Marjorie Pace

Krysti was my aide today. She is wonderful and did everything I asked her to do the first time I asked. She paid attention to every detail and took pride in her work.


By John Conyers

I have been with Interim Health Care for 4 years. Interim is the elite of home health care. All of the home health aides and nurses are wonderful. They all pitch in and help whenever possible. They stay late and/or come in earlier as needed. I have had nothing but positive experiences with Interim. I would recommend Interim Health Care to anyone in need of home health care.


By Linda Hager, Manager at Ottawa Valley

Nurse Vonda makes my life so much easier. She acts as go between with the physicians.


By Mary L.

Interim Health Care does a fantastic job!! The nursing staff is dependable, neat, caring, and efficient. The home health aides are nice, helpful, personal, and honest. The office personnel are friendly, courteous, and efficient with phone triage. I highly recommend Interim Health Care without reservation to family, friends, and other MD offices.


By Lee Fotiou

"Patty is wonderful! She goes ahead and does everything. I don't even need to tell her what needs done. She takes good care of me. I don't know what I would do without her. Thank you, Patty."


By Tim Willoughby

I just wanted the agency to know how much we appreciated Lisa coming out Sunday night when mom was released from the nursing home. I know she wasn't scheduled to come out until Monday morning, but when we got home, we were confused about her medication and overall care. Lisa drove back from a graduation in Indiana to meet us and set up mom's medication, assess her needs and help us know what was needed. We really appreciated her going the extra mile.


By Sister Marie McFearin

Interim was AWESOME!! My brother needed a little extra help and they were there whenever we needed them. I don't live in the same town, so it was a little stressful trying to figure out who could be there for Bud. Our schedules changed and Interim just "rolled" with us. Thank you so much Interim.


By Claude Jakes

My wife has had a great many aides from Interim. Rosie is by far the best of them all. She is a great companion to my wife! She is a good cook. She plans and cooks my wife's meals, makes her bed, washes her clothes and makes our life bearable under difficult circumstances. We could not ask for a more competent aide.


By Virginia McKinney

Virginia stated "I feel like I found a miracle when I found Interim."


By Marlene Baker

Kelly is such a joy to have her in our home. She does so many things above and beyond with my son Eric. She will do whatever Eric needs without complaining. Kelly talks, feeds and gives him his bath. It makes him laugh just hearing her cheerful voice. Not only for him, but for me also. We need this in our home because not being able to get out with Eric. We need a joyful, happy, talking person. Kelly is more than an aide to us, she is a friend to us both.

Kelly is the kind of person that she does this work from her heart. She is a very caring and loving young lady. Kelly is on always on time. If a problem arises or she is running late, she lets me know and we appreciate that.


By Ersie Arnett

"Interim aides come in twice a day to help me with mom. They couldn't be more professional or caring. They allow me to be the daughter and not the care giver. I don't know what I would do without Interim." Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!


By Joyce Fledderjohann

Patty works hard to care for all three of us. Benjamin age 27, Rebecca age 17 and Jonathan age 13. All three of us have Down syndrome. She takes good care of us and feeds us, wash and fold our clothes. Patty is so much fun to have over. When Rebecca plays her music, Patty dances with her. Patty is so good to us. She tells us she can't wait to come back and take care of us again. We get so excited for Saturdays because we know Patty is coming. Patty takes the time to make each child feel special. She compliments and encourages each disabled child. They really love Patty!


By Lyle Endsley

Just wanted to let you know how much my Mom has appreciated the staff from Interim. They have all been great and especially Andrea, the RN. Shi is outstanding!

Thanks again, for all of your help.


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I want to express my appreciation and gratitude for your help with my Mom. She has grown very close to a couple of your care givers. Everyone is prompt and considerate of her needs. It’s comforting to know I have people who I can count on.
Sylvia R.

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