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Maintenance Therapy Program or Wellness Program

Is Medicare or your insurance not paying for Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy? 

We have a maintenance program private duty by our therapists who are compassionate, timely, and progressive home exercise programs that match your needs, hands on treatment, exceptional quality and skill, time. If your state does not allow you to pay your in home physical therapist cash, ask for a doctors order that states, "Maintenance Program". This way, your therapist can still see you for maintenance therapy that is not covered by Medicare.

Finding a private in home physical therapist puts many aging minds at ease. Progressive home programs that are customized to your progress as well as the kindness and compassion that these therapists tend to have. Best of all, your dreams to return to an active lifestyle can be realized in the safety of the highest quality, ethical therapists. Call our office for package deals for one and two month programs. 

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