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Our Services


Personal Care and Support:
According to AARP, 90% of U.S. adults would rather age in the safety and comfort of their home, and, 82% wish to stay at home, even if they need some sort of assistance.  At Interim of Lower Bucks County, our goal is to help you do just that. Interim Healthcare of Lower Bucks County, puts our clients at the center of a stellar healthcare services organization – served by experienced caring people enabled with progressive medical technology that promotes independence, communication, safety, health, and dignity!  Our program works with you and for you - through virtual and/or personal interactions with your family, friends, aides, nurses, pharmacists and doctors YOU will receive a level of care unparalled  to any other available services. Most importantly, YOU are in control! Whether you need an aide to do a load of laundry and assist you on your daily walk or a certified nurse aide to remind you to take your meds, or assistance in seeing your doctor, we are proud to accommodate you with the professional assistance you need at the right time and best place! Our services can be utilized through a variety of patient scenarios.. Recently out of the hospital or an assisted care facility? Need a hand transitioning back into your daily life? Worried that you’re burdening your family and loved ones for their time and help? We’re here for you! Interim of Lower Bucks County is proud to offer experienced, compassionate aides and CNA’s experienced and trained to help you  keep your independence.  Paired with state of the art communications and care support services, you will never be alone, and will always be in control of your healthcare as you live life to the fullest.  
Home Care:

We understand the necessity of feeling comfortable, even more so, we understand the necessity of the warm familiarity of your own household. At Interim of Lower Bucks County we deliver an array of customized services from highly trained and personable aides/CNA’s whose primary job is to provide quality, compassionate care to our clients every day. Homecare is a new and sometimes difficult transition from 100% independence to a situation where someone is helping you with activities of daily living. So, Interim has worked with some of the brightest doctors, pharmacists and other providers from across the country, to make a range of services available to our clients that can augment care, cost effectively yet still empower people to enjoy every day and night! We can improve independence and comfort even without being in your home – for example between aide shifts, our breakthrough online platform will allow you to be connected to all of YOUR doctors, family members, nurses/aides/CNA’s etc. IF you chose!  Our goal is to alleviate the stress of not being connected and that “helpless” feeling during transition phases of your day-to-day life.  For more information on our SmartConnect platform, please call us at 215.750.1772.

Healthcare and Staffing:

Interim of Lower Bucks County employs:

  • Nurses
  • CNA’s
  • Homehealth aides 
  • Companions
  • Pharmacists 
  • And a variation of healthcare experts available online, including doctors, geriatric certified pharmacists, and other providers as requested by our clients

What can our customers expect from our staff if they choose Interim of Lower Bucks as a home-healthcare provider?

  •  Low cost solutions compared to just about any other care option!
  • Quality, reliable & personable support and care
  • Coverage 24/7-365
  • No aide or nurse burnout, due to a variety of nurses and aides willing to work flexible hours
  • Complete control and assurance and comfort through stand-by family members, aides/nurses, doctors, pharmacists etc. with your private, patient centric online platform

All employees of Interim of Lower Bucks County are suitably trained, screened and guarded by our professional liability and workers compensation insurance. Interim of Lower Bucks County assumes all responsibility for employer taxes and benefits.