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TeleHealth - Technology & Home Care

At Interim HealthCare, technology plays an important role in staying safely at home. 

Our services are provided by people, very caring and extremely competent people.  But, they aren’t in your home all the time, every day. Technology enhances your safety at home.  Technology helps you learn about how your condition is affected by medications and your behaviors.

Interim's Telehealth Program uses technology to monitor your vitalsWe use two general categories of technology in meeting your desire to stay safely at home:

Personal Emergency Response Systems:
With the simple push of a button, the alert system signals when you need emergency help and you’re otherwise unable to do so.

This equipment monitors your vital signs (blood pressure, heart rate, oxygen levels and others) to identify when your condition might be getting worse before it really gets worse. 

Who Might Benefit from TeleHealth?

  • Patients whose vital signs are unstable, often patients with chronic diseases

  • Congestive heart failure where monitoring weight is important

  • COPD where monitoring oxygen content of the blood is important

  • Patients where monitoring their vital signs would help nurses and physicians better manage their care by adjusting medications

  • Patients who benefit from seeing in direct measurement the impact of following, or not following, their plan of care

Why Choose Interim for TeleHealth Services?

TeleHealth Services are part of our comprehensive array of services. 

  • When the technology identifies an issue, Interim HealthCare of The Upstate has the people to help you, whether with Personal Care, Home Health, Active Care or Hospice Services.  It isn’t just an alarm service connected to the same people who respond to your home security system.

Vital Signs TeleHealth is part of our standard of care in Home Health. 

  • All patients who would benefit from monitoring are provided this service, at our expense. 
  • We are so sure that it contributes to better outcomes that we include it in our services when appropriate.


What Services does TeleHealth Provide?

  • Monitoring System that is installed in your home by an Interim HealthCare trained technician

  • Monitors blood pressure, oxygen levels, and pulse rate

  • Submits your vital signs to an Interim nurse

  • If any of your vitals are outside of normal range, you will receive a call from our Interim HealthCare staff

  • Reports are made to your physician and nursing visits are arranged when necessary

How do I Access Interim’s TeleHealth Services?

  • If you are a current Interim HealthCare patient your nurse will include monitoring in your plan of care if your condition will benefit from the monitoring.  Our nurse will coordinate this with your physician and with the technician.

  • Vital Signs monitoring requires a physician order to set the parameters and so we know who to contact should your readings be outside those parameters.  We’ll work with you and your physician if you’re not already on home health services with interim HealthCare.

  • Vital Signs monitoring is included in our home health services and is not charged separately to you or to your insurance company.  You can have vital signs monitoring when you’re not receiving home health or hospice services in which case we would bill you for this service.

Where do I Receive TeleHealth Services?

  • Anywhere you live. Our goal is to keep our community safe and healthy at home, while providing the most cost-effective, cutting-edge technologies available to help achieve that goal.

Peace of Mind

  • Knowing that you or a loved one is connected to services at any time and connected to an industry leader provides peace of mind.

Call Interim HealthCare of The Upstate at  (864) 627-1200 . We will be happy to help you.  Our technician will call to schedule delivery, installation and training.


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