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Caregivers Making a Difference Every Day

When one of our caregivers goes above and beyond the call of duty to make a positive difference for our clients, that is a WOW STORY!

The stories on this page are real and demonstrate Interim's dedication to our mission..."To Improve People's Lives" We invite you to read these stories and to share your own by calling our office.

  • WOW Stories - When Interim HealthCare Caregivers go out of their way to make a real difference.Patient JW was a patient of Linda, RN.  Recently Linda called her manager as the patient was looking very bad.  She had become short of breath and gained weight quickly.  This patient is the first in our new Palliative Care program so Linda knew that our Nurse Practitioner needed to be involved.  Linda knew that without her assistance, the patient would most certainly be headed to the hospital.  Angela, the Nurse Practitioner, called the patient, did a phone evaluation and ordered labs. We then increased her visit frequency to daily and changed some of her medications after consulting with her physician. On Monday the daughter called in tears!   She was so relieved and happy that we had successfully kept her mother in her own home and out of the hospital.  She said she could tell our nurses really knew how to care for her mother and were very compassionate as well.  The patient had lost five pounds of fluid over the weekend and was back to her “old self”. She was then able to have her vital signs monitored by our Telehealth team using a device in her home.
  • We recently received a referral for patient R.C. in Pendleton from a local hospital.  Christy was assigned to open the patient for service that evening. Christy arrived to find the patient did not have medications, formula for his tube feeding, or the appropriate feeding pump. Christy made 2 visits to the patient’s home that evening , contacted multiple agencies, coordinated with the hospital discharge planner, and stayed in the patient’s home with them until midnight to be sure the patient’s needs were met. If this were not enough, she continued to communicate with the hospital, the doctor’s office, and Interim Healthcare management throughout the next day to ensure that the patient had everything he needed to be safe and comfortable in his home.
  • Patient JB changed insurance earlier this year. He began to have difficulty getting to his doctor’s appointments because his new insurance did not want to cover his transportation. This same insurance was denying home health coverage also even though JB. clearly met home health criteria and had multiple needs including wound care and catheter care. His nurse, Katherine, communicated with the doctor’s office to help us obtain documentation that was needed and then drove to the patient’s home to have extra forms signed.  Susan, MSW, helped his wife arrange transportation to appointments.  Several others worked on the appeal for the denial of coverage. Through the help and teamwork of all involved we were able to have the denial reversed so that JB could continue his care.


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Thank you so much for sending our aide to us.  She just came in knowing what to do.  She seems just like part of our family.  Thank you again.
T. Coster

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