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Home Care Professional and her Client in Steadman, NC"I thank Interim for the excellent services provided for my mother. The nurse, office staff, and home care persons have all been very helpful and professional. I appreciate their kindness. I am totally satisfied with Interim, especially my mothers NA. She is very pleasant, caring, and always professional. It's a pleasure having Interim in our home." -Daughter of TS

"NA is so sweet. Thank you for everything!" -DB

"My family and I are so grateful for the help you provide." -NM

"My healthcare ladies have been so nice and they do their jobs! I am very pleased with Interim." -NJ

"Thanks for all you do to meet my sons needs." -NL

"I am pleased with the ...time they give me... Thanks and God Bless!" -EH

"Could not have asked for a more professional, caring, and lovely person to care for me". -LM

"I like Interim's services. I would recommend to someone else". -DR

"The aide that cares for me is very helpful, and cares about my well-being!" -CM

"I am truly satisfied!"- CC

"I like my healthcare staff very much!" -PF

"Interim HealthCare does a GREAT job in caring for their patients.". - BS

"They ...always very good to me and treats me with respect. My NA is the most wonderful person and so caring to me!" - MFB

"(NA) has been an asset to my mom and dad, she has been the very best home care worker they have ever had. She is very smart. Interim has been a real help for my parents (Mom - 91 years and Dad - 94 years) The company has been there when I couldn't because of work." -PL

"Very Nice Staff!" -LT

"Thank you for being there for me. It has really helped in so many ways!" -SM

"Thanks for all of the services you provide me!" -EJ

"My NA is the best I have ever had." -LP

"She (NA) is always nice and very concerned about me,
and meeting my needs." -BH


"Interim has sent me some nice people, I sure appreciate the care you are giving me. Thank you!" -RH

"(Staff) very helpful!" -KL

"To me Vickie is one of your top employees. Hilda, my nurse,
is very good." -MF


"I could not live without the help from my NA." -MH

"We could not have gotten a better aide than the one we have.

She is really good in every way!" -GB

Momma's NA takes great care of her!" -BT

"Great services from great people!" -TD

"We could not ask for a bettter home care organization.

Completely Satisfied!" -MS

"Very impressed with care and knowledge." -JJ

"Very efficient and helpful..." -MJ

"Without the care of the staff of Interim...I don't know where my health would have been. Thank your for all your concerns." -MW


"I have enjoyed the help that I get from Interim. My nurse aide is a "special" person. She does her work and has a good attitude. She is sweet and I appreciate her." -VF

"Can't say enough about the care your (ladies) have given my mom." -AW

"I'm well taken care of by your agency and my family is as grateful as I am about your services. Thank you." -MW

"Jennifer is very polite and courteous. (She) has created a good relationship with mother. Always prompt and consistent. Jennifer is family to us." -RD

"My mother and myself are pleased with your service and staff. Thank you for going above and beyond duties." -AW

"I want you to let the people here in Wilmington know what a wonderful angel you have sent me. Forever caring about me, my needs, health, and everything." -PP

"Bonnie...is my CNA. She is dependable, comes when the weather is bad, always on time. She always meets my expectations. She's the greatest." -TK

"Wow! Your staff has been great. We love Interim!!!" -IG

"Every one has been very caring and professional. I am getting excellent care from my aide and she is always prompt." -AL

"Very satisfied with our nurse, supervisor...always handle any situation very expediously and with compassion. Thumbs way up for all of Interim's staff!" -CD


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I want to express my appreciation and gratitude for your help with my Mom. She has grown very close to a couple of your care givers. Everyone is prompt and considerate of her needs. It’s comforting to know I have people who I can count on.
Sylvia R.