Yoga Can Help With Blood Sugar Management

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Posted: 3/15/2014 12:00 AM by Interim HealthCare
When it comes to Senior Health, a variety of “alternative” practices are getting noticed by health care professionals. Acupuncture, deep tissue massage and meditation have proven to be effective in reducing stress, lowering blood pressure and helping the body to process sugars. Risk of Heart Disease, according to experts at Harvard Medical School, can be lowered by participating in Yoga. 

Practiced by people in India for centuries, Yoga has been shown to improve circulation, make muscles more sensitive to insulin and maintain blood sugar levels. Additionally, proponents of Yoga say that it helps them to clear their mind and reduce stress. Since Yoga and relaxation can be tied to lowering blood pressure and anxiety, two of the biggest risk factors in heart disease, medical experts are getting behind the practice.   According to CNN, the cost of certain Yoga programs that are centered on heart health, are covered by Medicare.

Whether you simply need to relax, or you want to reduce your risk factors and improve your health, it seems that Yoga is a smart choice.