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Home Care

Today, there are a wide range of home health care services that can be provided in the home. This means that more people can remain in the comfort of their home while they are recovering from a hospital stay or if they are a senior loved one who just needs some additional assistance and support to continue to live independently.

In Home Care or Senior care it is typically less expensive and more convenient. According to national surveys, it’s what most people say they would choose if they needed additional help.

Interim HealthCare of East Bay works directly with you, your family and often a team of other health care professionals to make sure your needs are met.  Under our chronic disease management programs, we have the ability to address Diabetes, Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary disease (COPD).  We work to keep the patient safely in the comfort of their home, managing the disease process.

Trusted by physicians across the country as a highly respected leader of home care services, we bring peace of mind to family members who don’t always live in the community. They know their elder loved one is being taken care of and looked after by our competent,caring staff.
If you or your loved one needs home care assistance, please contact us for more information.

Meet Delores, the beloved matriarch of a seriously large southern family. After innovative open-heart surgery, learn how Interim partnered with family members to help her recover, at home where she is most comfortable.



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