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Home Care Services | DuBois & Western PA

We offer a wide variety of home care ranging from skilled nursing, physical therapy and other licensed health care services, to respite, to non-medical care and support that helps with the every day tasks that let people continue living at home where they are most comfortable.


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Home Health

At Interim HealthCare of Western PA we provide a wide range of home health services. This means that more seniors can remain in the comfort of their home while they are recovering from a hospital stay with services that include nursing, home infusion, wound care, physical therapy at home and much more.

Personal Care and Support

At Interim HealthCare of Western Pennsylvania, we know that as they get older, seniors will tell you that they want to stay at home rather than be confined to a rehabilitation center, nursing facility, or hospital. That’s why we offer personalized Non-Medical Senior Care &Support throughout the Western PA region that allows seniors to stay in their own homes with the independence and dignity that they deserve. The primary mission of our elder care professionals is to assist seniors with the everyday chores that can become more difficult as they age. Our Senior Care Services ensure that your loved ones will receive the care they need to thrive in their daily lives.

Respite Care

At Interim HealthCare of Du Bois, PA, we understand the physical, mental and emotional demands of being a family caregiver. Giving so much of yourself can be overwhelming at times, caregiver burnout is very common. In order to provide the best care possible for your loved one, it is essential to take a break from time to time. That's why we provide Respite Care to caregivers throughout Western Pennsylvania.

IV Therapy

Home Infusion Therapy involves the administration of drugs and other medicines by either intravenous (IV) routes into the bloodstream or a tube inserted in the patient's stomach or intestine. Once you receive a prescription for home infusion therapy from your doctor, our specially trained home care nurses can deliver this specialized treatment in the comfort of your own home.

Physical Therapy

Home based therapy, including physical, occupational and speech therapy, in the DuBois, PA region allows clients to develop independence with daily activities in a convenient and comfortable setting, allowing families to be closely involved in the rehabilitation process.

Healthcare Staffing

For medical staffing services in Parker, Clarion, St. Petersburg or anywhere in the Western Pennsylvania region, hospitals, nursing homes and other health care facilities in the area know that they can turn to Interim HealthCare.

Wound Care

Interim HealthCare of DuBois' Enterostomal Therapy (Wound Care) program utilizes an interdisciplinary team directed by a registered nurse. This team facilitates collaboration among the hospital, physician, insurer and home care provider.

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