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Our Services

Is home care right for you or someone you love?
At Interim HealthCare, our nurses and health care professionals have a proven history of providing a full range of treatments and therapies in the home. They ensure that the patient receives prescribed medications on time, proper nutrition and help with grooming and other daily activities-all with the utmost respect for the patients privacy and dignity.

What to expect from Interim HealthCare:
  • Free assessment in your home by a registered nurse.
  • RN supervision of your case, with regular evaluations to meet your changing needs.
  • Custom care for meeting your needs

Whether recuperating from an injury, illness or surgery, or just needing help with daily routines, you can depend on Interim's Home Care Staff to be there for you.

Interim offers 1 hour to 24 hour care. We can provide someone to help you get your day started, help do your laundry, make your meals or even run errands for you.
These services are put into place to keep you safe and active right in your home.

Our RN's and LPN's are compassionate and professional people who provide skilled nursing care at home for medical procedures. These procedures include infusion (IV) therapy, wound care, ventilator care as well as geriatric, mother/infant visits, and pediatric care.

Interim HealthCare is Medicare/Medicaid certified, and is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on a long or short term basis. Our staff works closely with your doctors and hospitals, as well as you and your family, to develop a home health care plan to meet your specific needs.

Interim HealthCare also provides quality supplemental personnel to area hospitals and extended care facilities. Whether you need an RN to work in the ICU, or an STNA to provide care for the residents of your facility, Interim is able to help!

Don't have a physician?  No Problem!  We have a preferred physician available to see you in the comfort of your own home!