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Interim Healthcare of Dallas is locally owned and operated. We take pride in being part of the local community, and our ability to provide you with quality care through a full continuum of comprehensive home care services.
One of life's greatest fears is losing independence - particularly the independence that comes from living at home.  We understand that people generally want to remain at home, in the communities they have grown up in and feel comfortable with.  Most people do not want to be removed from familiar surroundings just because they have reached an age in which they experience some of the functional loss that occurs naturally with the aging process or because they are hospitalized for a short period of time.
Care and assistance provided in the home plays a significant role in allowing individuals to maintain their independence.  It improves one's quality of life and helps maintain a sense of dignity.  It is often less expensive than other forms of health care delivery and offers a wide range of specialized services tailored to meet the needs of nearly every individual.
Our mission at Interim HealthCare of Dallas is to be recognized as the premier organization providing health care services through growth and excellence in people development and client satisfaction. Our mission is upheld in everything we do, from caring for our clients to retaining our clinical staff.  We truly strive to serve our clients and employees to the best of our ability, realizing that it is a continuous effort that goes hand-in-hand.

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