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Continuous Care/Private Duty

The Continuous Care Department at Interim HealthCare of Cincinnati provides in home nursing, from four to twenty-four hours a day, for special needs children and adults with complex medical issues.  Interim's goal is to create a family-centered medical home where all nursing needs are met and hospital admissions are not necessary.  This is accomplished by collaborating daily with the primary care physician, therapists, teachers, family, and all other members of the treatment team.

Some of our patients include:                                                             

Technology-dependent patients
Respiratory conditions treated by ventilators or infusion.               
Functionally disabled patients
Paralytic patients, mentally disabled patients, patients whose ability to perform activities of daily living are compromised.

Serving these patients is significantly different than caring for intermittent visit patients. Specific competencies at Interim HealthCare include the following:

  • Recruitment of competent caregivers to cover 24/7 care.
  • Back-up capabilities to cover schedule problems.
  • Specific protocols and care documentation systems for continuous care.
  • Thorough supervision protocols.
  • Ongoing communication with physicians and payors.
  • Careful management of sometimes difficult family situations.

Specialized training is required for all of our staff that care for our pediatric clients.  We also have a Respiratory Therapist on staff to ensure proper ventilator care training.  We've been providing expert care to medically fragile children at home for more than a quarter of a century. Our focus remains the same, to provide each patient with the best care possible using a family centered approach.



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Thanks to Interim HealthCare, my mom was able to stay in her home much longer than we ever thought possible.
Valeda H.