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Living with COPD Program


Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is one of the most common lung diseases. It makes it difficult to breathe. However, those diagnosed with the disease can improve their quality of life once they are given the tools and resources to learn to properly manage the disease. That's exactly the goal of the Interim HealthCare Living with COPD Program. We work with the patient, their family and doctor to help them take control of the management of their COPD so they can maintain a happy and healthy lifestyle.

The program moves clients along the following continuum of preparation for self care:

  • Level I
    Beginning Self Care. At this level clients gain a foundation of understanding of their disease, the role of their medications and the basics of self-monitoring.
  • Level II
    On the Way to Self Care. Clients learn more about their disease, especially how to prevent complications; how to practice better health habits in nutrition and exercise and how to manage the side effects of their medications.
  • Level III
    Independent in Self Care. Clients learn healthful behaviors that reduce the effects of diabetes, develop exercise & eating habits that help gain and maintain control of their diabetes and how to effectively communicate with their physicians.

Nursing and therapy services, including patient education, are provided by clinicians who have completed an extensive professional education program about COPD.

The Interim HealthCare Living with COPD Program makes the best use of evidence based standards of practice to empower clients and their families to live with COPD. It's more than just treating the symptoms. Our program is about helping patients understand their conditions and take action to prevent complications and slow the progression of the disease, thus providing the individual with a sense of control of their condition and thus, keeping them at home with less hospitalizations.


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