The Year of the Nurse

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Posted: 5/12/2020 2:19 PM by Interim HealthCare
Interim Healthcare of the Carolinas thanks all nurses for their hard work and dedication helping people every day. The week nurses are celebrated all over the world is May 6th to May 12th. Florence Nightingale was the founder of modern nursing. This year marks Florence Nightingale’s 200th birthday! She was born May 12, 1820 and lived until August 13, 1910. She was born in Italy. Her parents were Frances Nightingale and William Shore Nightingale and she had two siblings.
Florence became a nurse during the Crimean War. At this time, there were no female nurses in the hospitals in Crima. Florence received a letter from the Secretary of War asking her to organize nurses to come help soldiers. She knew the conditions were awful. They were understaffed, unsanitary, and supplies were limited. She rose to her calling and changed the conditions at these hospitals to improve the quality for their patients. For example; she scrubbed the hospital, created a laundry service, and instituted a classroom.
In 1860, Florence sponsored the establishment of St. Thomas’ Hospital. The Nightingale Training School for Nurses could be found within its walls. Nightingale became a figure that was greatly admired by everyone. Nightingale’s influence changed nursing to be viewed in a positive light and as an honorable profession. Nurses have a huge impact on patients and their families. They truly change the world every day and are heroes.

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