How to Talk to Your Infirm Parent about Homecare Services

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Posted: 5/30/2013 9:36 PM by Interim HealthCare
If your loved one is struggling to complete simple, everyday tasks and you feel you are no longer able to be his or her primary caregiver, homecare services not only enable your loved one to be as independent as possible, but you will also get reassurance that he or she is safe and in good hands.

However, bringing up the subject of external assistance with an infirm parent can be difficult. The idea of a stranger coming into the home is often met with resistance. When you initiate this family discussion, it’s very important to choose your words carefully. The objective is to have a dialogue – not to state the solution you believe is best. An honest, open conversation will help your mom or dad recognize the need for homecare services and understand the positive effects it can have on his or her life.

You could start by saying something like, “I was afraid when you fell on the floor yesterday. Does that happen often?” Or, you could be more indirect and say something like, “Jane’s parents just hired homecare services to come in three times a week, and her dad is thrilled to have the help.” Don’t take the critical approach because it’s likely to end the discussion.

If there is resistance, it can be helpful to bring in a neutral party like a rabbi or priest – someone your parent has trusted for a long time. You could also consider asking a homecare services manager to facilitate a family meeting so everyone gets a chance to express their feelings.

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