A Brief Guide to In-Home Healthcare

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Posted: 2/6/2014 7:38 PM by Interim HealthCare

One of the most difficult decisions for adult children to make is determining the right level of care for their aging parents. We all want our parents to maintain the dignity of independent living, but at the same time, their health and safety need to be protected. Luckily, in-home healthcare can offer the best of both worlds.

In-home healthcare is best when a person wants to stay at home but requires ongoing care that can’t easily be administered by family. Also, in-home healthcare can be used on a short-term basis for people recovering from surgery or an illness. Some aging people might only need assistance with certain tasks, such as meal preparation and bathing. In these cases, the caregiver’s visits are short, but a companion caregiver will stay for longer periods.

Choosing the Right In-Home Healthcare Provider

A number of organizations and private agencies provide in-home healthcare. To ensure that the experience is a positive one for you and your loved one, it is essential to choose the right program.

According to the American Association for Homecare, you should discuss your options with a physician, a social worker, or a hospital discharge planner who may be familiar with providers in your area. There are some questions pertaining to the potential provider’s complementary services and level of patient satisfaction to be asked.

  • Is your organization Medicare-certified?
  • What are the training requirements for your caregivers? How do you screen them for employment?
  • Will you send the same caregiver for each visit?
  • How do you handle in-home healthcare emergencies?
  • Do you offer part-time home care and full-time home care?

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