“Their World is Changing. We’ll Be Their Constant”

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Posted: 12/17/2019 2:50 PM by Interim HealthCare
Interim Healthcare of the Carolinas is proud to announce that we are certified Dementia Specialists. We attended a program through the corporate office of Interim Healthcare that was based around Teepa Snow’s training. This program was based on understanding what individuals with dementia are going through and assists with being prepared to care for them safely and properly. The hand under hand positive physical approach was a widely used technique to connect with the person visually and verbally. There are three important steps to this approach greet six feet away, place your hand in a still wave, and extend your hand in order to wait for a response.  
We believe that it is important to take into consideration the activities and interests that the client had in the past. We have an interest profile that assists us when matching the client with the caregiver. When the client and caregiver enjoy the same activities it brings another additional level of enjoyment to both parties aside from the physical care. Our caregivers have learned techniques that help decrease anxiety for those living with dementia. Anxiety is one of the biggest obstacles that individuals struggle with every day. This helps alleviate stress from the client and the family.
We ensure that we are delivering quality, compassionate, and meaningful care to the individuals we assist every day. This new program will help us add an extra touch to ensure we have all the tools available to assist with any situation. We truly believe we can be an individual’s constant who is dealing with dementia in a world that is changing for them. We are thankful to use this program to touch the lives of other individuals in the community. If you would like to educate yourself on this training then you can call 910-695-5898. We would love to share the beneficial information that we learned.

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