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April Justice, RN

Director of HealthCare Services

April Justice, RN, Director of HealthCare Services

Hello, I am April Justice, RN Director of HealthCare Services. I have had a passion for nursing since I was a little girl. I had an aunt that was a nurse and she really inspired me to be the best nurse I could be! She would always say "be the nurse you want as a patient during a hospital stay".
I went to Mercy school of nursing in Charlotte NC and received my diploma in nursing. What was great about this training is that it was a teaching hospital and had more hands on training. I worked for Carolinas Medical Center for 15 years. The units I worked for ranged mostly in cardiac progressive care to neuro stroke patients. I also have 10 years of seizure monitoring with video EEG monitoring and worked for 2 years in ICU with ventilator patients. I have over 18 years of experience with trachs.

Working with special needs and adult handicapped has always been a love of mine due to me having a niece born with Coffin-Lowery syndrome. I really enjoy my position here with Interim!