Why work in home care?

Posted: 10/22/2020 8:00 AM by Interim HealthCare
With a renewed interest in and focus on healthcare, and in particular, the push for people to shelter in place and physically distance, home health care is in the national spotlight.

Many families and individuals are exploring home care as a tool to stay happy and healthy at home -- and avoid unnecessary travel or exposure to SARS-CoV-2.

At the same time, there has also been increased interest in home care as a career. Whether you're currently working in healthcare or you're looking for a change, working in home care offers some unique benefits and opportunities. 

Here's why you should work in home care

Our team members across the country cite these as their most important reasons for choosing to work in home care:


This is especially important for those who are coming from a career outside of healthcare. Particularly in hard-hit industries like restaurants, hospitality and retail, millions of people have been furloughed or have lost their jobs altogether. It's a difficult time for so many!

The home care industry is, thankfully, surging right now. With so many people needing care to stay at home and observe physical distancing recommendations, more home care professionals are needed than ever. 

And for the especially-important role of home health aide, formal education isn't necessary to get started. In fact, here at Interim HealthCare, you'll receive the help and guidance you need to start your new career! 

Then once you've started, you can take advantage of our range of ongoing education and training opportunities to further advance your career. When you work in home care as a member of the Interim HealthCare team, we are invested in your future! 


So many of us right now are balancing work and home, with loved ones working from home, kids in virtual school, and so much more. 

We are all SO busy!

When times are hectic and everyone's trying to balance all that life is throwing at them, flexibility at work is huge. And when you work in home care (especially as a part of the Interim HealthCare team), flexibility is a huge benefit. Work the days and shifts that align with your calendar, so that you can prioritize what's most important. 

Whether you're coming from a traditional healthcare setting and are seeking more flexibility, or you're transitioning careers and are looking for particular hours, we can work together to find a schedule that works for you. 

One-on-one relationships

We are all innately born wanting and needing connection with other humans. That need has only been more magnified during quarantining and physical distancing. 

A home care career is extremely personal. After all, you're providing essential care to people in their homes. What's more personal than that! You'll be meeting with some patients weekly, throughout the week or even daily. And you'll get to know them. You'll build relationships, and trust us, you'll find it extremely rewarding. Our team has shared plenty of stories over the years that brought tears to many eyes!

The notion of personal connection is powerful for all of us, but it's especially powerful for those who work in a clinical healthcare setting. It can be difficult to build those personal relationships in high-volume, high-stress environments. We are often told by members of our team that moving from traditional healthcare careers into home care helped reignite what drew them to healthcare in the first place!

We're just getting started on why you should work in home care.

From more independence to working in a purpose-driven industry and so much more, there are so many reasons why you should work in home care. And not just home care -- we would be honored to have you join the Interim HealthCare team! To learn more about home care career opportunities at the Interim HealthCare location nearest you, visit our Careers page