3 Ways to Surprise Mom this Mother's Day

Posted: 5/8/2019 8:00 AM by Interim HealthCare
Our moms have always been there for us when we needed them. They helped us navigate the highs and lows of childhood and teenage years, and now that we’re adults, they’re our best friends.

Mother’s Day is just one day out of many to show Mom how much she is appreciated, and how much we care. A gift or card cannot come close to showing the immense gratitude you feel for all that your mom has done for you over the years, but you can change things up a little this year to surprise Mom on Mother’s Day.

Here are three (3) unique ways to surprise Mom and show her you care this Mother’s Day:

1. Take Mom on a “Date”

If you live nearby (or even if you live out of town), you’ll likely be stopping by to see Mom on Mother’s Day. But in addition to your Mother’s Day visit, schedule a “date” with your mom a few weeks into the future as a surprise celebration.

For your date idea, think about what Mom loves to do (or has always wanted to do), and see if you can make it happen within any time, budget, or physical constraints.

Some ideas include taking Mom to a concert, visiting a museum (if Mom is physically able) or simply taking her to lunch or dinner at her favorite restaurant. “Paint and Sip” classes are a fun date night option as well. During these classes, you receive instruction from an art teacher and paint your own creations while sipping some wine. With this date, Mom (and you!) not only have fun, you get a keepsake! If you have siblings, you may want to include them (or encourage them to schedule their own “dates!”) in these activities.

Depending on the specific activity, you may also want to include your spouse, other relatives, or your kids. The sky’s the limit -- choose something that is fun for Mom and you can’t go wrong!

2. Preserve her memories.

A long, rich life means amassing a large amount of memories -- and the pictures that go with them! In most cases, it’s impossible to revisit those memories and look through pictures. They typically sit in boxes or albums in a basement or closet. What a shame!

This year, consider surprising Mom with preservation of her pictures and memories. Now, this one may require some covert action to sneak Mom’s boxes of photos out of the house, but the result will be well worth it!

There are several options for preserving Mom’s photos. The first one is more affordable, but can take a considerable time investment: You can individually scan Mom’s photos yourself and save them to disks, a thumb drive, or an SD card.

You could also send Mom’s pictures to an online company that will scan and save your new digital photographs. If you choose this option, be sure to read reviews and make sure any vendor is reputable! In some areas, local vendors may even offer this service -- if you are leery of sending Mom’s treasured memories through the mail, this could be an excellent, time-saving option.

Once the photographs have been scanned and saved, you may want to purchase a digital photo frame so that Mom can enjoy them. Digital frames will rotate through images every few seconds, giving Mom reason to pause and smile every time she glances at them.

3. Give Mom some R&R.

Rest and relaxation are appreciated by everyone, but especially by moms! Depending on your mom’s physical ability, you may want to take her to a spa day at your local salon or day spa. Massages, facials, nail or hair treatment, relaxing baths...there are seemingly limitless opportunities to pamper, relax and rejuvenate at a spa.   

But if budget or physical constraints limit your ability to visit a spa, you can absolutely pamper mom at home!

Some candles, essential oils and relaxing music can transform any bedroom into an oasis. You can purchase at-home facials or even make your own without breaking the bank and paint each other’s nails. You can even still enjoy massages -- many massage therapists will come to your home.

Mom is sure to appreciate the thought and effort you put into her day, and you’ll enjoy some R&R as well.

Take care of Mom all year long.

Depending on your Mom’s health and unique needs, you may be struggling to provide her with the care and oversight she needs to stay healthy. At Interim HealthCare, we provide senior home care services to keep Mom healthy and vibrant. To learn more, contact the Interim HealthCare location nearest you.