How to know if it's time for a new healthcare job

Posted: 7/23/2020 8:00 AM by Interim HealthCare
There are so many variables that impact how we feel at the end of the day. And right now, when everyone is under more pressure and stress than ever -- especially healthcare workers! -- it can be tempting to simply accept the stress and assume things will get better once we get through this pandemic.

Not so fast, though. 

Pandemic or no pandemic, a bad work situation will amplify stress, make it worse and can not only make your work days harder and more stressful, it can bleed into the other facets of your life. In short, being in the wrong healthcare job can seriously affect your quality of life. 

You deserve a healthcare job that adds to your life, not subtracts

Now more than ever, every American understands just how important healthcare workers are to our communities. You are some of our most amazing heroes, and you deserve to be happy at work. 

To help you recognize when it may be time to start looking for a better healthcare job, here are some questions to consider. If you can't answer them with conviction and enthusiasm, it may be a sign that it's time to move on. 

Do I control my schedule? 

Depending on the setting and employer, your schedule may be set in stone each week or highly variable. And depending on your lifestyle and preferences, you may like consistency, crave flexibility or at the very least, want control over when and where you work. 

There are certain healthcare careers that offer a great deal of flexibility. Home care careers in particular offer the hands-on patient care that defines your career as a healthcare professional, with the flexibility you may crave for a rewarding job. In many instances, you can choose the number of ours and days you want to work. Rather than working from a single location or office, you'll be caring for individuals in their homes. Many who've made the leap to a home care career thrive on the excitement and diversity of their days!

Am I building relationships with my patients?

Many healthcare workers are driven toward careers in the field because they care about people. Certainly, it's a pretty strong prerequisite! But, depending on where you have been working, you may not feel as if you're able to build long-term relationships with patients. And if you're someone who thrives on helping patients progress toward and achieve goals, you may miss out on what happens "after" you initially assist someone.

Home care offers the unique ability to satisfy this rewarding need for healthcare professionals. Over the course of months and years, you'll build strong relationships with your patients. You'll celebrate their "wins" and help them work through challenges. It's an incredibly rewarding and powerful way to advance your healthcare career, and addresses a "need" many healthcare professionals didn't even realize before making the move to home care.  

Am I working in my desired specialty?

In many healthcare settings, it can be challenging to branch out and develop new skills. Or in some instances, you may find yourself working in a specialty area that isn't your first (or even second) choice. That can be incredibly frustrating, and can take a massive toll on your career satisfaction. 

The flexibility that we've mentioned throughout this post applies to many facets of a successful home care career. Here at Interim HealthCare, for instance, our franchises often provide cross training opportunities for professionals who want to move into a specialized area of care. We also offer advanced training and certifications for our home care team. In fact, our online training center, Interim HealthCare University, offers more than 300 CEUs and in-service education opportunities. We are here to help you reach your goals!

You deserve a healthcare job that empowers you.

If your current healthcare job isn't meeting all your needs, now is a great time to make the pivot to home care. More Americans than ever are recognizing the benefits of in home care for their loved ones, and our locations across the country are looking for compassionate, experienced healthcare professionals to add to their teams. To search for healthcare jobs at the Interim HealthCare location nearest you, visit our Careers page