4 Tips for Walking with Your Elderly Loved One

Posted: 7/5/2016 8:45 AM by Interim HealthCare
Walking is fantastic exercise for your elderly mom or dad because she or he doesn't need any special equipment. It's also something that you can do together in order to stay healthy. As the family caregiver, it's a good idea to start out your new exercise plan properly.

Always Check with Your Loved One's Doctor
Before you start to engage in any sort of exercise program with an older person, it's essential that you talk with his or her doctor first. The doctor can let you know what type of exercise your loved one should do and for how long. The doctor can also help you make sure your loved one doesn't do more than he or she is able to do while exercising. The doctor may have suggestions that can help the individual build stamina.

Check Your Loved One's Shoes
You'll also need to check out your loved one's shoes before beginning any walking program. Make sure  they're the right size and that they don't pinch his or her feet anywhere. If it's been a while since his or her feet have been professionally measured, now is a good time for that. A professional shoe salesman can measure a person's feet and help make sure they have the right shoes for walking.

Choose a Clear Path for Your Loved One
When it's time to get out and start walking, make sure that you choose a clear path for your loved one to walk on. If there are any obstacles, such as branches or other items, try to do the best that you can to remove those obstacles. If there are too many for you to remove, consider walking in place at home or finding an indoor location in which to walk. Malls very often have walking groups that allow the group to walk before the stores are officially open so that there's less traffic.

Encourage Your Loved One to Use Assistive Devices if Needed
Your loved one might not want to use a cane, walker, or other type of assistive device while walking. If the person needs it, however, then it's important that they go ahead and use the device. It can help to build up stamina and if the device is a new one, the practice can help quite a bit.  Always keep your loved one's doctor aware of how much your loved one is walking and what it's doing forthem so you can keep the elderly person at the right pace.

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