Importance Of Organization For Elderly Care Providers

Posted: 1/13/2015 10:16 AM by Interim HealthCare
Elder Care Tips by Interim HealthCare
Organization is important in everyone’s lives. From children to college students to parents to employees, everyone benefits when they use lists, schedules and calendars to manage their day-to-day lives. Elder care providers are no different. In order to effectively care for their patients, proper organization is crucial. It not only aids in communication, but reduces stress and saves time and money as well. Here are some ways to keep your patients organized.

Keep a Schedule

A patient may have multiple caregivers, so having a master schedule on hand can come in handy. The schedule should include important information such as medication dosages, medical appointments, yard work, trash pickup and any other recurring items that should be noted. It’s easy to forget something, so having everything written down can be invaluable.

Make a List

Keep a list of all important medical, legal and financial information so it is easily accessible. Contact information for family members, neighbors, doctors and emergency contacts should also be kept nearby. Church information, names of yard maintenance workers and community organizations should also be included.

Make Copies of Medical Information

Your patient’s health information and medical history is especially important, so it’s a good idea to have several copies of this data on hand. Healthcare provider information and a list of medications (along with refill information) should be kept on hand to prevent unnecessary tests and bills.

Keep a Call Log

You will likely have to take calls from doctor’s offices, the patient’s family members and perhaps other caregivers. The stress of caregiving can lead to forgotten information that can affect the patient’s care. By keeping a call log, you will have a hard copy list of everyone who has called, when they called and what the call was about. You will be able to easily share this information with family members and other interested parties.

File Important Papers

There are many elements involved in elder care services. While caregiving is the main component, there are also medical, financial and legal paperwork involved. When you let these documents pile up, you waste time trying to find a specific document when you need it. By creating a filing system, you save time and stress. Purchase some manila folders or a small file box so you can sort and file these papers in their appropriate places.

January is National Get Organized Month, so do your loved ones and patients a favor today by implementing a system today.

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