4 Reasons You Should Use Preventative Staffing to Boost Workplace Culture

Posted: 8/15/2022 9:00 AM by Interim HealthCare

If you’re a healthcare administrator or nurse manager reading this article, we don’t have to tell you that staffing shortages are a nightmare right now–and that’s the understatement of the year.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were 47,000 registered nurses and 17,000 licensed practical nurses working temporary jobs in 2019. Do the math: that’s not enough to fill all the current and anticipated nursing positions across the country. Did we mention those statistics are pre-pandemic? So it’s likely those numbers won’t look any better in 2022.

You’re in the thick of the nursing shortage crisis. So how do you look past all the doom and gloom? 

Smart managers and healthcare administrators know that preventative staffing is the key to surviving this healthcare staffing crisis. 

Preventative staffing is the practice of ensuring the right number of nurses are in place or available as needed to take care of patients. Here are four reasons why you should implement preventative staffing in your healthcare facility or nursing unit.

1. Nursing shortages are not expected to end soon 


Unfortunately, the nursing shortage isn’t going away any time soon. In a recent market study, when asked what they felt would improve job satisfaction, nurses chose “more staff”—beating out the option of “more money.” It’s pretty obvious that throwing more money at the problem isn’t going to solve the underlying issue. Put simply, nursing staffing solutions must evolve. The future of nursing depends on it. Preventative staffing is the key to addressing the staffing crisis. 

2. Getting ahead of demand can be your secret weapon


How many times have you stared at a staffing schedule and wanted to pull your hair out? If you’re a nurse manager, you likely balancing the duties associated with your leadership role and filling in where needed to take care of patients during the week (and probably weekends, too). By utilizing preventative staffing, you can stay ahead of the demand and rest easy knowing that those gaping holes in your schedule will be covered.


3. Proactive staffing can boost workplace culture 

Not only will preventative staffing help you sleep better at night knowing your shifts are covered, but your stressed-out and overworked nursing team will also appreciate the change. Nurses want to deliver safe and comprehensive care for their patients. Unfortunately, they can’t do that when their nurse-to-patient ratios are off the charts. By using your new secret weapon–preventative staffing–you are sending the message that your facility or unit recognizes the importance of adequate staffing. This will change the culture in your workplace and will ultimately result in your nursing team feeling valued and appreciated. 

4. Make retention a priority at every stage 

As challenging as it may be, making sure you have adequate staffing is just the beginning of leading a quality unit. Once you have jumped that hurdle, you have to make sure you are retaining the staff you need to keep on your team. Make it a top priority to educate yourself on the best practices for nurse retention to keep the ones you have, and to keep them happy in the long run. 

The Solution to Your Staffing Problem: Staffing Services By Interim HealthCare 

So, now you know preventative staffing is the answer you’ve been searching for. But where are you supposed to find all these nurses to stay ahead of the curve? This is where nurse staffing services from Interim HealthCare come in.

From extended block contracts and per diem shifts, to temporary and direct hire, our Interim HealthCare offices across the country employ patient care attendants, nurses, and other healthcare professionals with a variety of different skill sets. 

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