Made For This: Real Stories From Interim Team Members On The Benefits of Working In Homecare

Posted: 4/1/2022 3:29 PM by Interim HealthCare

Are you considering a career change? Maybe you have healthcare experience and need a change of scenery. Perhaps the flexibility of working in home care has piqued your interest, but you'd really like to know what a typical day on the job is like, especially before you make the big switch. 


When it comes to home care, the reality is no two days are ever the same. In fact, that's just one of the many reasons people love working in the field so much.


To be honest, we could go on and on about how great it is to work in home care. Our team does a much better job of telling our story, though.


If you're on the fence or even slightly considering a career shift, keep reading to hear candid thoughts from our Interim team on why they chose a career in home care and how they feel about the decision they made to join Interim HealthCare. 


Pediatrics: The Heart of Interim HealthCare

Meet Kristin M., Pediatric Director of Healthcare Services for Interim HealthCare in Pittsburg.


Kristin comes from a family with a medical background. Her father was a veterinarian who earned his doctorate in endocrinology and was a pioneer of in vitro fertilization. Kristen's mother was a dental hygienist. Her parents' heart to help others through their professional pursuits influenced Kristin and her sisters to do the same.


Inspired to make a difference, Kristin went to nursing school to pursue a career in pediatric care. After graduation, she began working as a nurse for Children’s Seashore House, a long-term care rehabilitation facility. A year later, she got married and moved to Pittsburgh where she joined Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh and worked in infant medical care for five years. In 1996 she began doing per diem pediatric visits and in 1997, she joined Interim HealthCare full-time as a Pediatric Visit Nurse. Later, she transitioned to Quality Assurance for 10 years and helped open two new branches. In 2009, Kristin returned to pediatrics as a Supervisor and was later promoted to Pediatric Director.

“No child should have to live in a long-term care facility; they belong at home with their family,” said Kristin.


This is the conviction that motivates her to do what she can to make that happen. And, it’s the heart of Interim HealthCare as well. 


The reason many children are not able to go home from the hospital is due to a nursing shortage. As a company, Interim HealthCare is doing everything we can to combat these challenges and provide solutions—from partnering with other agencies to ensure ample staffing and recruiting nursing graduates to the home healthcare field to training new nurses in pediatric care.



With Interim, Patients Always Come First

Meet Tammy, Community Physician Liaison for Interim in Gastonia, North Carolina. 


Ever since the first grade, Tammy knew she wanted to be a nurse. Growing up, her grandparents modeled the heart of a caregiver, always reaching out and helping others in their community. Tammy was raised to take care of those around her, so that’s what she always wanted to do.


As her grandparents’ health declined, Tammy watched her aunts and uncles do everything they could to care for them. Tammy saw the hardships it put on her family as they struggled to make sure someone was always there to care for their loved ones and keep them safe at home. This experience influenced Tammy’s career choices and fueled her passion for a career in home healthcare.


In September of 2008, Tammy joined Interim HealthCare in Gastonia, NC as a Community Physician Liaison. In 2011, Tammy transitioned to the role of Branch Manager, overseeing the day-to-day operations of their Shelby office. Eventually, she was asked to manage their Gastonia office as well and was promoted to Area Manager.


Tammy says the most rewarding part of her job has been witnessing the focused care that is provided to Interim patients. 


“Not being on a time schedule and having administrative staff there to support you, allows you to provide a personalized kind of care is very rare,” said Tammy. 

Tammy echoed that working for Interim is like working for a family. 


“We constantly strive to foster an environment and culture of community, safety, and quality care for our patients and clients, and this is reflected back in the work our team demonstrates. I can’t imagine myself anywhere else. I was made to be part of an agency that puts the patient first. I found that here,” said Tammy. 



Could Interim be the place you’ve been searching for?
At Interim, we are a family of caregivers focused on changing lives. It’s who we are. If you feel you were made to serve, help, support, care and connect with others, you bear the DNA of an Interim home healthcare professional, too.


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