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At Interim HealthCare we provide the flexibility you need to fit your lifestyle. As one might expect with the nations First Home Care provider we have a range of care services  through which our dedicated and experienced professionals provide the compassionate care and dedicated service to those in need within our communities.

So why Interim HealthCare? Why do we attract the top care professionals in every community, from every office Interim is located? What is the Interim difference, and why should you join the Interim Augusta Team above anyone else? Now that, that is the question you should be asking everywhere. After all, you do a job, that is very different from any other; and it comes with a skill set that very few have. The truth of the matter is, whether you are a (RN or LPN), Facility Aide (CNA/CMA), In-Home Aide (PCA or HHA), Specialied Technician (Philebotomy, OR, and more), or even a Companion-Sitter (Homemaker or Attendent) you are a skilled medical professional and do a job few others can do, but everyone from newborns to seniors have need, are in need, or will need care from not just people like you but you yourself. So why do, expecailly home care agencies, treat you like a dime a dozen employees; and not as the invaluable part of the care team of which you are.

That's the Interim difference; you're the most important member our every patient's care team, which makes you  our most important client. So why should you be treated with anything but the best customer service, appreciation and respect for the job you do. That is how we approach our team here at Interim HealthCare of Augusta. 

Contact us today and come see what you've been missing. You will be connect with a member of our office team who will not only help guide you through our on-boarding process, they will work with you to find you exactly what you are looking for; from a ongoing schedule, patient/client assignment, work location(s), advancement opportunities, skills development, and even those unique resume building experiences like helping with the facilitation of FDA Clinical Trials or Research Projects to joining our Chronic Disease Continuous Care Management service division and provide some of the most necessary, highest skilled level of care to our home care patients who have chronic and degenerative conditions like Muscular Dystrophy, Cerebral Palsy, Traumatic Brain Injuries and many other rare genetic disorders and similar conditons. 

So whether you want to work one shift a week or want full-time with the possiblity of overtime, or just want to fill in once in awhile, we have it all. The servies offered by Interim HealthCare of Augusta include In-Home, RN or LPN, Private Duty Nursing (also sometimes referred to as Hourly Continuous Care Nursing), Skilled Nursing Intermittent Visits (IV Infusions, Assessments, Woundcare, etc.), Personal Care and Support Services (aka In-Home Senior Care or Assistance with Activites of Daily Living), Companion-Homemaker (or Companion-Sitter) Services, and Healthcare Staffing Services including Travel-Nursing (as well as Local) and Allied Staffing. 

If you are still reading this by now, and your interest is peaked, give us a call today! Remember, once you make that call, you'll be our client with Interim on your side for it all. 

Interim HealthCare of Augusta

Office Phone: 706-550-1107
Office Fax: 706-927-8554
Office Email: [email protected]
Located at: 801 Broad St., Ste. 605 | Augusta, GA 30901

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