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About Us

At Interim HealthCare of Augusta, we understand how important it is to have someone you can depend on for in-home care. Every day we help people just like you. We know that you may need in-home care for a short time after you come home from the hospital, or for a longer time caring for your loved ones in their own home. Our services are delivered by dedicated, caring, professional caregivers in-home and are centered on you or your loved one’s individual needs.

The Interim HealthCare of Augusta Difference

Our Interim HealthCare staff will listen to what you need and explain our services and the care we provide. We know when you call us you will find a very different approach to caring for you and your loved ones.

We believe that in in-home care, different is a good thing. We like to think of our difference in caring as how your grandmother's apple pie is different from grocery store pie. It's as if she baked love and caring into her pie -- that is the difference in the care we provide. We will care for you and your loved one like they are our own.

Neighbors Helping Neighbors

All Interim HealthCare providers are locally owned and operated. Interim HealthCare of Augusta is veteran-owned and family-run. This means that we are your neighbors here in the greater Augusta area and are backed by the resources and know-how of a national company in operation for over 50 years.

We invite you to get to know us better. Find out more about us and our backgrounds. And we invite you to call or come in to get to know us on a personal level, because there is nothing more personal than in-home care for you or your loved ones.

Meet Augusta's Management Team

Unlike what you'll typically find with other corporate outfits, Interim HealthCare not only cares for the community we serve, our people are engrained within it, and have been for quite some time. Backed by the resources and know how of a national company 50 years in the business, all Interim HealthCare offices are locally owned and operated. This mean that we will be standing shoulder to shoulder with you as we help your loved one when it matters most, as we have always done. 

We invite you to get to know us better. Find out who makes up Interim HealthCare of Augusta's leadership team. Learn our stories and backgrounds, get to know us on a personal level because after all there is nothing more personal than caring for you and your loved one in the home.  

John W. Mitchell, J.D. 

Director of Operations 
John Mitchell Interim HealthCare of Augusta GeorgiaJohn Mitchell grew up in upstate New York, and at eighteen headed off for the United States Military Academy at West Point.  He played football there and graduated after four interesting and challenging years.  After graduation, he spent five years in the Army during the late Vietnam years with tours in Armor and Military Intelligence.  While in Military Intelligence his unit ran agents throughout Southeast Asia.  These were fulfilling years.  After finishing his military service at Camp Zama, Japan, he headed for law school at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York.  While there he worked in the University personnel department and continued his service in the Army Reserve. 
The practice of law took John to Concord, New Hampshire and a decades long career in both private practice and corporate general counsel roles.  As part of his commitment to community service, among other things, he chaired the Central New Hampshire Community Mental Health Agency, and served on the Governor’s Commission on the Education of Children With Disabilities  As a legal sideline, he represented birthmothers in private adoptions, which was the most emotional endeavor he was ever involved with.  In private practice, he was listed in Best Lawyers in America for Corporate Law.  As general counsel for a mid-sized multinational corporation, he managed legal affairs in twelve countries.
 While living in New Hampshire, his wife’s and his parents passed.  His mother-in-law and father-in-law had particularly tough times, and the effort put in by his wife for care verged on the heroic.  They were not aware of home healthcare at the time, and they would have done things differently.  His in-laws story included constant care at home by John’s wife, assisted living, skilled nursing and finally hospice.  Cutter was his maternal grandfather’s constant companion during those difficult times.  Many lessons were learned that John brings to Interim HealthCare.

He and his wife moved to Aiken, SC after his legal career.  He served on the Aiken County Elections Commission there.  When his son Cutter returned from working in the home healthcare business in California and Alaska, John and Cutter decided to join in a business which makes a difference in people’s lives 


J. Cutter Mitchell

Director of Business Development 
Cutter Mitchell Interim Healthcare of AugustaCutter’s journey to healthcare and home healthcare specifically, is as varied as John’s.  While in college, Cutter’s grandfather struggled with end stages of cancer. After classes, Cutter visited his grandfather almost every day at hospice to watch movies and read together. His love for his grandfather has translated into helping seniors. Something he does to this day.

After graduating from New England College in New Hampshire, he took a reporter’s position with a New Hampshire daily newspaper. This was interesting because he is dyslexic---but nonetheless a fine writer.  While in college his poetry was published nationally. He loved being a reporter and he won a New England Press Association award for environmental reporting. He followed up on reports of high cancer occurrences on a hillside neighborhood, and eventually discovered a dump site for coal tar(a dangerous carcinogen) that had been abandoned in the early nineteenth century.  He then traced the ownership forward to discover a large national utility owned it after a series of corporate acquisitions. That utility ended up paying tens of millions of dollars to excavate the site resulting in a much healthier neighborhood. Thus, the award.

Recognizing the lack of a future in newspapers, Cutter moved to Aiken, where pursuing his love of cooking, he and his brother opened a deli-restaurant. A tough business. As he says, he learned the value of a dollar and the value of good people. It was time to move on.

Having gotten the restaurant effort out of his system, he accepted a position with a national healthcare corporation in Southern California. He worked there learning all about home healthcare.  The corporation then sent him to Anchorage, Alaska to be in charge for all areas of home healthcare. While in Alaska he worked with everyone from caregivers to those in need of assistance.  He was particularly moved by his work with the children of native Alaskans. 

Rather than move back to Southern California to continue working for the large corporation, he decided to come back to the CSRA and to co-own the Interim Healthcare franchise in the Augusta area. He brings a wealth of knowledge of all aspects of home healthcare. He is happy to be here, and John is happy Cutter has his wife and two children with him (John’s grandchildren). 


Kathy Wishork, RN

Director of Clinical Services
Kathy comes to the Interim Augusta Team from the Sunshine State, with over 30 years of nursing experience. Kathy comes from a tradition of caring and providing for other. In fact, it was through helping her mother expand the family owned home care agency that brought her to the field of home care in the first place. Having spent a good portion of her nursing career wearing all the different hats there are to wear in home care, Kathy truly brings a vast array of knowledge and know-how to our Clinical Team. 


Jessica Hernandez 

Operations Manager