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We offer a wide variety of home care in Lee, Russell, Macon or Montgomery Counties, ranging from personal care and support (senior care) to respite for family caregivers, and much more. Our goal is to help with the every day tasks that let people continue living at home where they are most comfortable.

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Home Care

The care professionals is to assist with the everyday chores that can become more difficult as they age. Our personalized home care services ensure that your loved ones will receive the care that they need to thrive in their daily lives. Home care services in Montgomery, Lee, Russell and Macon Counties include help with bathing, dressing, meal preparation and grocery shopping, medication reminders, companionship and much more. Our Care professionals are fully vetted with background checks and drug screens before they ever step foot in your home. Additionally, Interim HealthCare is fully bonded and insured.

24 Hour Live-in Care

Live-in care provides seniors or people with disabilities with care 24 hours a day. Interim's professional caregiver stays with the client morning, noon, and night. A benefit of this service is someone is always there for your loved one and you never have to worry about the incidental tasks of care allowing you more quality time together. 

Care for Chronic Disease

One of every ten Americans, over 25 million people, suffer every day with chronic, disabling conditions that cause pain and major limitations in their activity. Diseases such as congestive heart failure (CHF), chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), and diabetes are among the most prevalent, costly, and preventable of all health problems. At Interim HealthCare of Auburn & Central Alabama, we care about our patient's quality of life.  We strive to help them understand their conditions. We teach them to take action to prevent complications and slow the progression of the disease, thus providing the individual with a sense of control over their condition. Home care for patients with chronic disease has also been shown to reduce hospitalization rates.


Symptoms of Alzheimer's disease typically start to set in when the patient is over the age of 60. When symptoms such as forgetfulness or thinking problems develop before age 60, it is classified as early onset Alzheimer's disease. Interim HealthCare has extensive experience in helping individuals and their families live with Alzheimer's disease and other types of dementia. When your loved ones need help at home in Lee, Montgomery, Macon & Russell Counties, you can count on us.

In-Home Nursing

At Interim HealthCare of the East Central Alabama, we provide a wide range of in-home nursing services. Care at Home in Lee, Montgomery, Macon & Russell Counties is typically less expensive and more convenient than staying in a hospital or rehab facility. According to national surveys, it’s what most people say they would choose if they needed additional help. Wouldn’t you?

Healthcare Staffing

Today, the challenges of staffing have become much more complex. Facilities and other organizations have a growing need for qualified health care staff and employees are looking for more control with their careers. Interim HealthCare has become a leader in the development of a supplemental workforce. Our success is based on our ability to recruit the best professionals and our responsiveness to the needs of the community, since we are locally owned and operated.  Our commitment to building strong relationships with both clients and our employees is what makes Interim a staffing leader.  From extended block contracts to per diem shifts, our nurses and other health care professionals have job flexibility to meet their needs while achieving a high level of value for each of our customers.

Need Help at Home?

Send us your questions about home care or a specific request. We're here to help.