Fit Seniors

The Why – and How – of Fitness for Seniors

The Why – and How – of Fitness for SeniorsWe’ve heard these, or said them ourselves: “It won’t make any difference at this point in time. I’m too out of shape. I’m not going to run a marathon, or even walk a 5k; why does fitness matter?” Looked at from a more positive perspective, “I’d like to be more fit, but I’m concerned about what I can safely do.”

Today, we’ll look at being a fit senior. Last article we looked at why be fit, and in a following post we’ll look particularly at fitness and chronic diseases.

Staying fit is all about you

Being fit is all about you: how you benefit from exercise and being fit depends on what you want to put into it. You’ll want to adapt whatever exercises to your personal health and fitness situation. The following are some possible activities that related to the exercise and fitness categories we introduced in the last issue.


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