Senior Care in Auburn: When is it time?

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Posted: 2/14/2019 10:33 AM by Interim HealthCare

It's a hard moment when you look at your parents and realize that, suddenly, without you noticing, they've started to grow old before your eyes. Maybe Dad's hair has gone from his classic salt and pepper to a full gray — or has disappeared completely. Mom, meanwhile, may seem a little less able to keep track of everything you talked about during your last phone call. We all have blind spots when it comes to the people we love, but it's important to look out for age-related changes that could mean it's time to call a senior care service in Auburn.

Some of these changes may come on so gradually that you don't notice from visit to visit, while others can be more abrupt. For example, a loved one may experience significant pain or anxiety after an accidental fall that could immediately affect their comfort and behavior at home. As someone with your parents' best interests at heart, it may fall to your shoulders to set your loved ones up with the senior care they need to age in place — or to at least broach the subject the next time you visit.

When to Bring Up Senior Care with Your Loved Ones

Senior care can range from help with the groceries to daily assistance moving around the house. To determine whether it's time to call a local provider about these services, keep an eye out for certain visual changes, including:

  • A scruffier, more unkempt appearance, possibly including body odor
  • A messier home, including clutter, an overgrown yard, unswept floors, or dirty dishes
  • Evidence of unpaid bills, such as final notices in the mail or loss of electricity
  • Property damage, including unexplained dents on their car

You should also be particularly mindful about changes in your parents' behavior. Do they seem more irritable than usual? Or maybe overly cautious or unsure as they go about tasks that have always been routine? Any significant changes in their mood or movements could mean that they could benefit from home-based senior care. 

Schedule a Consultation in the Auburn Region

Before you decide on the type of senior care your parents may need, it's a good idea to investigate your options in the local area. Interim HealthCare of Auburn, AL has provided quality home care in Auburn, Phenix City, Opelika, and Tuskegee for years, and we'd be happy to meet with your family to learn more about your concerns and needs. Call us today at (334) 539-5140 to arrange a no-obligation assessment and consultation at your home in the Auburn, AL region.