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Interim HealthCare  bik’ehgo h0ji[‘9n7g77 bidadeeti’7g77 W11shindoon t’11 1t’4 bil1’ashdla’ii bee b1 1dahaazt’i’7g77 bibee haz’32nii d00 doo ak’7j8’ nits1h1kees da d77 ninahj8’ a[‘33 dadine’4, dine’4 bik1g7 1t’eh7g77, bin11hai’7g77, nazhnit[‘ago da, 47 doodaii’ asdz1n7 d00 din4 1t’eh7g77.

D77 baa ak0 n7n7zin: D77 saad bee y1n7[ti’go Diné Bizaad, saad bee 1k1’1n7da’1wo’d66’, t’11 jiik’eh, 47 n1 h0l=, koj8’ h0d77lnih



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