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How To Tell When Your Parents Need Help At Home

It’s a tough subject to broach with aging parents. You know dad shouldn’t be on the road, but he refuses to give up the car keys. Mom doesn’t even want to hear the words ‘nursing home’, but you’re concerned about her struggling to climb the stairs every day.
Here’s the thing: most people don’t know that a broad range of in-home elderly care services exist, so Mom and Dad can continue living at home. Being informed about in-home senior care makes it a whole lot easier talking to your parents about solutions that will allow them to keep their dignity and independence, while giving you peace of mind.

So, how do you know when your parents need help at home?

Well, according to our care at home team, common tell-tale symptoms are:

  • Recent injury or hospitalization
  • Missing appointments
  • Complicated medications or medical issues
  • Clutter piling up, dirty laundry and a dirty house
  • Expired food in cabinets or spoiled food in the fridge
  • Overflowing mailbox or stacks of unopened mail
  • Mishaps with banking accounts or late payment notices
  • Loss of interest in hobbies or favorite activities
  • Difficulty balancing or walking
  • Comments about loneliness or sadness
  • Potential fall hazards in the home or unexplained bruising
  • Infrequent grooming, showering or bathing
  • Decreased weight or poor diet
  • Mood changes or extreme mood swings
  • Confusion, memory loss or forgetfulness
  • Underweight or overweight pets
  • Taking more medication than prescribed, or forgetting to take medication
  • Decreased ability to keep up with errands, shopping and chores

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