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About Us

We are a home health care agency with many great services to offer the community. People with many chronic illnesses and disabilities can benefit when we send home health aides, nurses or physical therapists into the home to help.  Our agency believes in providing quality, compassionate home care that promotes independence and dignity. Interim Healthcare nurses will work with your doctor to help you manage your chronic diseases and keep you out of the hospital.

At Interim HealthCare we understand how important it is have someone you can depend on when you want to stay at home as healthy as you can be. We understand that you may need this help for a short time after you come home from the hospital or nursing home, or a longer time when you need help to remain at home. Our services are delivered in your home and are centered on you and your individual needs. Every day we help people just like you. Our Interim HealthCare office staff are ready to listen to what you need and to talk with you about the services and care we can provide. We are proud of the quality of care we give and how we support people like you, and their families, each day. If you are looking for people you can trust, please call us first. When it matters most, count on us.

Make sure you are an informed consumer!
There are a variety of ways to get supportive services, and it's easy to feel confused and unsure. Also, there can be differences in costs that are difficult to understand. In many cities throughout the country, there may be dozens of what appear to be similar companies offering non-medical home care and companion services, in addition to people who work independently. It's important to understand all the implications before making any decisions. Interim HealthCare can help you make the right decision for you and your family.

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