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Personal Care and Support Services (Non-Medical)

Interim Personal Care and Support Services provides non-medical home services that help
seniors remain independent and in control. Our senior care aides are men and women
experienced at providing personal elder care services such as bathing, transfers and range of motion exercises. An "extra pair of hands" to do light housecleaning, prepare meals, help with medication reminders and provide support and companionship to give seniors confidence, security and
freedom to stay comfortably at home.

Veterans Care

When it comes to our California Veterans, Interim Personal Care and
Support Services values the 
sacrifice veterans made for our country.

Our Veterans Care program is determined to provide each veteran
optimum support during the many phases of life.

Healthy Movements

“Oh no, I’m getting more stiff as I age.”
We hear that quite often, it’s not unusual and we must honor the natural slowing down process.
Some adults stop working out or walking after an illness or injury and that’s the time for
Interim Personal Care and Support to step in. 

Creating a customized Healthy Movements plan for your resident/family member/patient
will make all the difference!
Reducing physical inertia, isolation and loss of independence is our goal by
providing meaningful engagement while promoting easy movements to increase mobility.
Sometimes the program switches to a companionship program,
giving the resident/family member/patient a sense of security. 
Whether for a few hours a week to frequent hours per month,
we give the extra support needed to live an enriched life.

Enjoy the Ride

Interim Personal Care and Support Services offers
the perfect package of transportation and care giving.
We will pick you up and assist with the following:
  • ​take you to dental, cosmetic, outpatient surgeries

  • pick up your medications for recovery

  • drive you home, assist you inside and get you comfortable

  • complete any daily activities as you rest

72 Hour Discharge Program

“I can’t wait to go home”, is the statement most patients will tell you
after a stay at the hospital or skilled nursing home.

The accustomed scent of their comforter, flower garden or missed pet is what makes them feel at ease.
Yet, there is one thing quite different when coming home after a discharge….recovery.

Having an Interim Caregiver at home during that first 72 hours is crucial and provides a prevention of the following: 
fall injuries, missed medications, forgetting to eat and most importantly,
getting the rest needed to heal, eliminating a readmission to the hospital.

Rest assured, an Interim Caregiver is dependable and offers comfort when families have other responsibilities to manage,
or especially if a patient has no family and is alone.

Personalizing a 72 Hour Discharge to Home plan is designed amongst the patient, case manager and family to ensure safety and a compliant continuum of care.

Interim Connect

Imagine being able to push a button and call someone 24 hours a day,
seven days a week.

The Interim Connect button is NOT just for emergencies but
anytime you have a question or concern.

Whether it's the stress of coming home from the hospital or nursing home, a matter of worrying about day-to-day activities, wanting to protect yourself from risk of home injury and seeking comfort that someone will listen at the right moment, Interim Personal Care and Support is here for you.

Respite Care

Respite care provides family members breaks from the daily routine of care giving.
It can relieve stress, restore energy and promote the necessary balance in one’s life.
Whether it’s for a few hours or a long vacation, Interim Personal and Support can provide the relief needed.

Let's arrange a complimentary consultation to discuss the type and length of respite care required, and develop a plan of service together.
There are a number of options for additional support.  

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