The Story of Alani and her Interim HealthCare Team

Alani is a miracle child living with numerous complications, including a heart condition and developmental delay. She is on a feeding tube because she can't have anything in her stomach. After several aspirations of pneumonia, she was put on a life-saving tracheostomy so her mom Jessica wouldn't lose her. Alani needs complete care, but with the help of her Interim HealthCare Nurse, Jessica knows she doesn't have to worry about her.

Confined to a wheelchair and nourished via a feeding tube, little Alani is still able to attend special school four hours a day thanks to Interim care professional Heather Hansen. Heather, a Registered Nurse, arrives each morning by 7 a.m. to help get Alani ready for school - a daily regimen that includes a full physical assessment. In addition, Heather actually attends school with Alani for four hours every day. "She has a blast. We love it - we love school," Heather says. "I think it's great that I can go to school with her."

Alani's mom Jessica considers Heather a lifesaver, saying, "I thank God for her every day." And Heather finds great satisfaction in knowing that what she does not only helps others - but that it was what she was born to do. As she notes with a smile, "When I first went to Interim, they gave me a series of exams, and from these exams they placed you where you belong. And apparently, where I belonged was with pedies."