No healthcare experience necessary
to start a healthcare franchise business

  • Over 300 independently owned franchises
  • Average $4 million per year gross revenue*
  • We provide care to approximately 190,000 people per yearMake money while
making a difference.

Aging is not a fad.

"92% of seniors have at least 1 chronic disease and 77% have at least 2"
-National Council on Aging

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Why Interim HealthCare?

  • We're the ONLY home care franchise that will help you become Medicare certified.
  • The most comprehensive home care franchising offering.**
  • We provide a dedicated on-boarding team for new franchise owners.
  • We offer multi-unit and veteran discount programs.
  • Assistance with securing office location.

Don't take our word for it...

Ask to speak to one of our franchise owners


Randy Allison

La Verne, CA

"We started out as all non-medical for the first year.  After that we expanded out to medical services.  Our business is now a mix of both.  The opportunities to grow in our market are huge.  With Interim's assistance we are looking to become Medicare certified in the near future."


Michael Priddy

Rockville, MD
New Franchise Owner of the Year

"Our operations have experienced tremendous growth the past several years.  We have purchased additional territory to grow into the opportunities presenting themselves in our market.  Our on-site visits from national headquarters have been critical to helping us continue to grow."


Cathy Olsen

Santa Rosa, CA 2015
New Franchise Owner of the Year

"I worked for 7 years in an Interim location as an office manager prior to becoming an owner.  The support and attention received exceeded my expectations.  My office is growing by non-medical and staffing.  We expect this coming year to nearly double."

The Business Side

"Interim HealthCare believes it has two customers: 1. The clients and the families they serve and 2. The caregivers and the other employees. In my experience, I have found that to be the case. They stay true to their values and take good care of the people they serve and the people they employ."

-Interim Caregiver

The Personal Side

"I am grateful that I was introduced to Interim HealthCare. Their caregivers are attending to my mother who has dementia. They are extremely professional, competent and kind. I feel that I have a whole team supporting me. I highly recommend Interim HealthCare services."

-Client's family member

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*Per item 19 of franchise disclosure document. Your success is dependent on various factors.

**Depending on state availability

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