Understanding Proper Senior Nutrition

Proper nutrition contributes to the best possible health for seniors.

Everyone knows that proper nutrition contributes to the best possible health. This is especially true for older individuals and those who have chronic diseases. Poor physical health, depression and loneliness can also play a key role in poor eating habits. Many older adults who experience these conditions neglect their nutritional needs, and this can lead to more serious medical problems. For example, it is essential for a person with diabetes to control the amount of sugars and starches in his or her diet and for someone suffering from hypertension to cut out salt from their diet.

Interim Helps Focus on the Best Food for Older Adults

Nutritional guidelines can be confusing and some lifelong eating habits can be hard to break. Interim HealthCare’s home care nurses and aides have received training that focuses on working with the patient and their family to identify the best foods to eat to meet their nutritional needs. For example, the nurse can teach the patient and family how many carbohydrates are in the foods usually eaten by the patient; or the aide will shop for and prepare foods with a low sodium content, avoiding those that are high in sodium and should be avoided. Often the simple act of a home care aide preparing a nutritional meal and then keeping the individual company while he or she eats can make a significant impact, often resulting in better nutrition and avoidance of unnecessary hospitalization.

Interim HealthCare can develop a customized plan for:

  • Managing a client’s nutritional needs
  • Menu planning
  • Grocery shopping
  • Meal preparation
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