Are Nursing Jobs Recession Proof?

Posted: 9/10/2020 8:00 AM by Interim HealthCare
With millions of Americans currently out of work and the country struggling due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many people are feeling stressed about finances and work. Jobs in some specialties may seem scarce. If you're looking for nursing jobs, you may be worrying about your own job prospects.

As economists debate whether the United States will head into a full-blown recession, you may be thinking about the short- and long-term job prospects for nurses.

Are nursing jobs recession proof?

At first glance, your instincts may tell you that nursing jobs are in demand. And you would be right! Nurses and other healthcare professionals are on the front lines of this pandemic, working to save lives. All of us here at Interim HealthCare are in awe of the incredible contributions of nurses during these unprecedented times. 

And to meet the unprecedented need, nursing jobs are in demand across the country. 

But do the numbers line up with instincts? Let's take a look back through history. The Great Recession of 2008 (and beyond) saw some significant job losses across the country. Many industries and professions struggled. Yet, healthcare jobs actually increased during the great recession -- to the tune of more than 800,000 new jobs! This statistic is not an anomaly, as the Bureau of Labor Statistics has found that healthcare has often been a lone bright spot during past recessions. 

But that was then...this is now.

You're right -- there's a reason we refer to these times as "unprecedented." Let's take some different looks at some supporting data to help you determine whether you believe nursing jobs are recession proof. Of course, well before the emergence of COVID-19, the BLS was predicting significant growth in nursing jobs. Here's one important contributor:

According to the most recent census data, there are about 73 million seniors over the age of 65. As we get older, our need for medical treatment and care increases. In fact, 78% of adults age 55 or over suffer from at least one chronic condition, with nearly half suffering from two or more

Caring for those chronic conditions depends on nurses!

Now let's talk about home health care nurses.

Of course, we would be remiss if we didn't mention the increasing need for nurses specifically in home care. At the time of publication, we have well over 1,000 jobs (including many nursing jobs) on our Careers site. And while that number is always fluctuating, demand has been steadily increasing since before COVID. 

Sadly, data suggests a significantly higher COVID-19 mortality rate for seniors. Adding chronic health conditions raises the risk even more. While millions of seniors preferred to age at home well before COVID, the need to stay home now -- for safety -- has increased significantly. Home health care has raised its profile considerably in recent years, and is raising in prominence as seniors, their families and doctors all see the importance of keeping people safe and healthy, reducing their risk tremendously, at home. 

In fact, our CEO, Jennifer Sheets, worked tirelessly with other home health industry leaders to educate leaders, leading to the Department of Homeland Security's decision to call home care and hospice workers as critical employees

An increased investment in home health care infrastructure has also been a popular topic on the campaign circuit, demonstrating how leaders view the critical value -- now and in the future -- of home health care on the future of our nation. 

And all this growth and investment relies on the contributions of incredible nurses (like you!). 

We are hiring nurses!

Here at Interim HealthCare, we are extremely grateful for the bravery, compassion and incredibly-skilled care nurses are providing during (and before!) this pandemic. Our franchises across the country are currently looking for incredible nurses like you to join their teams! To search for nursing jobs near you, visit our Careers page