How Can You Help Your Parent Cope with Flu Symptoms

Posted: 9/27/2016 11:00 AM by Interim HealthCare
The flu can tremendously disrupt your aging parent’s life. This viral infection can leave them feeling miserable and vulnerable to further infection and worsening illness that can put their health, safety, and even life at risk. Helping your senior cope with the symptoms of the flu can make their recovery period easier and help to reduce the chances that they will suffer serious complications related to this illness.

Use these tips to help your parent cope with the symptoms of the flu:
Encourage them to rest. If your aging parent is suffering from the flu, encourage them to stay at home and get as much rest as possible. Leaving the home and being too active puts strain on the body that can make it more difficult for them to heal and make them more susceptible to further infection and illness. Going out also means that they are spreading the germs, possibly infecting others.

Give them plenty of fluids. Coughing, sneezing, and fever can all contribute to dehydration. Getting plenty of fluids helps the body to function properly and reduces the chances of dehydration, protecting the body from serious complications. Drinking plenty of fluids also helps to keep the sinuses and throat moisturized, easing pain and scratchiness and supporting expulsion of phlegm. Encourage them to drink water, broth, and tea.

Keep them comfortable. If your aging parent is dealing with uncomfortable symptoms such as pain, muscle aches, headache, or persistent cough, ask their doctor what types of over-the-counter medications that they can take to keep them comfortable. Staying comfortable will help them to get the rest that they need to fully recover and recuperate.

Incorporate Steam. Encourage your aging parent to sit in a steamy bathroom to help loosen their congestion and soothe their sinuses and throat. If they are also dealing with muscle aches and pains, consider letting a very hot shower run for several minutes in a closed bathroom and then filling the tub with comfortable water so that they can sit in the soothing water while also breathing in the steam.

If you are looking for ways to help your aging parent avoid illness or minimize the chances of serious complications associated with illnesses such as the flu, starting elderly care for them may be the ideal solution. An elderly home care services provider can work with your aging parent to understand their personal health complications, challenges, and limitations, and create a personalized approach to care, assistance, and support tailored to helping them live a life that is healthy, comfortable, safe, and fulfilling while also maintaining as much independence as possible. This can be especially valuable during cold and flu season when several members of your family may fall ill, requiring your parent to receive continued care even when you may not be able to give that care. If your parent needs further care during this season, or you have been ill or around a child who has been ill and do not want to risk your parent catching germs from you, respite care is a fantastic option. A respite care provider can step in to provide the care that your loved one needs to ensure that their care, support, and assistance does not lapse even during periods of illness.
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