How Can You Spot Small Issues with Your Aging Adult's Ability to Drive?

Posted: 10/20/2017 8:08 AM by Interim HealthCare
Even small problems can cause big trouble for your aging adult when she gets behind the wheel. If you're not sure what her driving ability is actually like at this point, you may need to take a closer look.

Start Riding with Her
One of the fastest ways for you to see exactly what is happening with your senior behind the wheel is to watch her in action. You don't want to make her nervous by announcing that this is what you're doing, but having some eyes on the experience is remarkably helpful. What you're looking for is whether your aging adult is accelerating and braking appropriately, whether she's changing lanes appropriately, and whether she's having close calls out on the road.

Peek at Her Car Insurance
Even if you haven't known for sure what has been going on with your elderly family member behind the wheel, her insurance company is likely very aware. This is especially true if your senior has had some tickets or some minor accidents. If your senior's insurance company sees her as a significant risk, her insurance premiums will definitely reflect that belief.

Talk to Her Doctor
Another source of assistance with this matter is your senior's doctor. Let the doctor know what your concerns are and ask for further assessment. Depending on your aging adult's health, there may be some signs that are standing out from a medical standpoint. Muscle loss, frailty, difficulty seeing and hearing, as well as problems with memory are all significant issues when it comes to driving.

Hire a Driving Expert for an Assessment
If you still need some help determining if your senior is safe to drive, contact a driving expert who can assess her abilities. Many driving schools offer this service, but you can also contact agencies in your area that work with the elderly and they can put you in touch with driving assessors.

Give your senior an alternative to driving herself. Hiring elderly care providers to take over the driving can actually feel like a luxury for your senior once she gets used to the idea, especially if she's been afraid of driving.

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