October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month! Learn About Getting Seniors Involved!

Posted: 10/8/2014 11:10 AM by Interim HealthCare
There are Plenty of Activities Throughout the Month for Both Women and Men

Breast cancer awareness month is in October. In 2007, the Tokyo tower was lit up in pink on October 1st for raising awareness. During this month in 2008, the White House was even decorated in pink in honor of those whose lives are affected by this disease. Every year, men and women from all across America do what they can to raise awareness and help those suffering from this type of cancer. You can participate this year in many different ways. Campaigns for marathons and walking events are happening in almost every state that you and your senior parent can sign up for. Whether you are dealing with breast cancer, your elderly loved one has it, or you just wish to help spread the word, you can participate in raising awareness in October.

How to Involve Seniors with Breast Cancer

This doesn’t just include the women; men can get breast cancer too, although it’s much less common. It’s usually overlooked in awareness campaigns but there are a few male-centric groups advocating for breast cancer research and support. You can join these during the third week of October for activities specifically for men. The rest of the month, there are plenty of opportunities to join in and help. Find local or state events and groups you can get involved with and bring your senior parent along for the fun. As well as helping lots of people, events like these should be fun; they should be about bringing people together for support and joy in life.

Here are some of the available activities you can do:
·         National Race for the Cure
o   This was started in Dallas, Texas in 1983. Millions of participants participate in this race in over a hundred cities in America.
·         Susan G. Komen 3 Day For the Cure
o   A 60 mile walk for fundraising, this event is spread over 3 days and funds research into breast cancer.
·         Breast Cancer Today
o   Several different 2 day walks are held across many states, to raise money for awareness and cancer research schools.
·         Great Architect Gaming – A Month in Pink
o   This community is inspiring their guild members to wear pink for the whole month of October. When you visit their site you can find ways to help support awareness and participate in the forums.

If your elderly loved one is living with breast cancer, you might need some extra help caring for them. Even a senior without cancer can use a professional’s opinion and care. Hiring a home care provider is a great idea when you need a day off. Taking care of yourself is a part of caring for the elderly. You won’t be able to help your parent or be the best you can be for yourself and your family if you are tired and stressed.

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