Why have you chosen a home care career?

Posted: 11/25/2020 8:00 AM by Interim HealthCare
There are plenty of reasons why we choose our jobs. Sometimes an opportunity comes up and we simply seize it. Other times, we feel that we are designed for a specific role or industry. Still other times, we simply need a job and a steady income, so we see what's out there.

For our thousands of team members across the country, these are more reasons led them to choose a career in home care. And we couldn't be happier for them. 

We are living in unprecedented times in our history, and with so many Americans out of work right now, or working in highly stressful situations, the time is right for many people to explore new career options.

You are made for a home are career. 

With more growth and interest in home care than ever before, the time has never been better to work in this exciting and rewarding career. In fact, we are confident that you -- yes, YOU -- are made for a career in home care. 

But don't just take our word for it. Hear from two members of our team from across the U.S., and learn why they chose a career in home care with Interim:

More than a job; a career with growth potential.

Josef is a CNA at Interim HealthCare of Chatsworth who genuinely loves caring for others and has a real vision for the future. This is more than a job to Josef - he is invested in the lives of the patients he serves.

Before Interim, though, Josef was working in the food service industry, and felt like his career was going nowhere. With a little encouragement from friends, he embarked on a new career bath with exciting growth potential.

Today, Josef is preparing to get his LVN license and take his career to the next level. All it took was the courage to step out of his comfort zone and try something new. To make a change in order to grow and reach his potential. It's obvious now -- Josef is made for home care, and this is still just the beginning of his story.

Autonomy and flexibility at any stage. 

Kathleen is a registered nurse for Interim HealthCare of Greenville, SC with over 35 years of experience under her belt. From the earliest days of her career and throughout, she has always been an advocate for patients. 

In 2017, Kathleen ruptured her appendix and had to have emergency surgery. This ultimately led to a bad infection, and Kathleen required home care to help her recover from her infection and surgery. Her home care provider? Interim HealthCare. Her home care team provided excellent care and went the extra mile during stressful times, like when changing dressings was extremely painful. 

And, they worked around her schedule in order to do it. 

As Kathleen healed, she realized that home care wasn't just something that helped her...it was something SHE could do! It offered the flexibility and autonomy she wanted, and empowered her to provide individualized care to her patients. What's more, it would take down the silent barrier that so often exists between nurse and patient, allowing her to step into the personal lives of the patients she serves. As a woman of strong faith, Kathleen quickly realized that she was made for home care. 

An opportunity to bring you who are into what you do.

Not all caregivers are born with the knowledge that home care is what they were meant to do; sometimes, life brings you experiences that reveal your true calling. Vallie has been a CNA and home health aide at Interim HealthCare of Tallahassee for the last 13 years. She is a recent graduate of our PIN Program, which offers specialized training courses that are designed to help caregivers expand their skills and progress in their careers. 

Caring for others has always been a passion for Vallie, but she didn't realize it would fuel her carer until her aunt became ill and she was unable to help provide her with the care she needed. Feeling helpless while her aunt suffered is what really motivated Vallie to go to school in order to help others as a career (although, you can transition into a home care career right now without going back to school!). Vallie comes from a family of nurses, but it was this personal experience that showed her a career in home care was her passion, too. 

We'd love for you to start your home care career with Interim.

While there is an uncertain future for many industries right now, we are growing! There are MANY job opportunities in home care right now with Interim HealthCare franchises across the country. We'll provide you with the training, opportunities and flexibility you need -- and for non-clinical positions, you can start your home care career without a college degree required!

To search for home care jobs in your area and begin your home care career with Interim HealthCare, visit our job board. We can't wait to meet you!