Thanking our veterans: The incredible power of service

Posted: 11/7/2019 8:21 AM by Interim HealthCare

Here at Interim HealthCare, we support and thank those veterans who have served our country, protecting our freedoms. On and around Veterans Day, and every day, we salute those who serve and have served. 


With locations across the country, each independently owned and operated, the Interim HealthCare team is made up of a dynamic group of passionate professionals. We are honored to report that among our team, there are many veterans. 


When we gave this more thought, we realized it was an absolutely logical connection. Those who are driven to serve and protect, continue to serve and protect, even after their military service has ended (or sometimes, concurrently). 

Why I serve


Some individuals are driven by a desire to serve and give back. These special heroes deserve an unending amount of thanks and celebration. To understand the drive and motivation of these special individuals and to honor the amazing veterans who are a part of our Interim HealthCare family, we reached out and asked our veterans “why [they] serve.” 


Here are some of their powerful responses:


I served for the love of my country and the honor of defending the great people who live here.  Today, I serve in the medical field, caring for others in the same way I protected them in the military.

Christine Ulrich, LPN, United States Army

Intake Coordinator, Interim HealthCare of Oklahoma City, OK


I served my country to be a part of something greater than myself. Today, I focus my free time on bridging the gap between the military and civilian communities through a common language.


Erin Morris, United States Army

Author: “Who Is Sam the Solider?”

Assistant General Counsel, Interim HealthCare of North Carolina


I served to defend the freedom of others in our country. Through it, I realized that helping people was my calling. As a nurse, I serve others with a heart of compassion and give a voice to those in need.


Christina Wackerly, United States Navy

RN Director of Staff Development and Education

Interim HealthCare of Oklahoma City, OK


I served to perform my duty to a great country that has given me so much. As a veteran, firefighter, EMT and nurse, I strive to give back to others and to fellow veterans who defended our nation, its families and all of its citizens.


Eric A. Urban, RN, United States Navy

Interim Case Manager, Interim HealthCare of Marietta, OH


I served my country to defend the rights and freedoms of our great nation. It taught me the importance of serving others as I do today in my nursing career. Providing holistic care that maximizes the health of fellow veterans is especially rewarding.


Denitra Hendershot, United States Air Force

MSN, RN Case Manager, Interim HealthCare of Cambridge, OH


For 21 years, I was honored to serve my country and be a part of something greater than myself. As a Recruiting Manager, I’ve had a similar experience, but more importantly, I have the privilege of helping others feel the same.


Rick Silva, United States Army 

Recruiting Manager, Interim HealthCare of the Upstate


I served to carry on the family tradition of protecting our country. While serving, I realized I could make a difference in the lives of others. As an HR professional, I continue to serve others with honor and integrity, ensuring their needs are handled with care.


Terre Sanders, United States Army

Human Resources Associate, Interim HealthCare of Delaware

Thank you to our veterans.

To the veterans who continue to serve as members of the Interim HealthCare family, and to all veterans and their families, we honor you. We thank you. Today and every day,.