Saluting Our Veterans

Posted: 11/11/2019 8:00 AM by Interim HealthCare

Jennifer Sheets, President & CEO


This week, we salute America’s veterans, especially those in the Interim HealthCare familyboth our colleagues and our clients. Military service is, without question, one of the most noble endeavors. 


It takes a special person to put on the uniform and carry the flag for our nation. It requires courage and sacrifice, on the part of our veterans (as well as those who wait at home for them). Their willingness to serve our nation safeguards the American dream of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. They preserve our freedom and protect our rights. They ensure our ability to live free. Our veterans deserve our gratitude and our respect… not just on Veterans Day but every day. 


And we are grateful. We appreciate those who are serving right now, and we appreciate those for whom military service is a distant memory. We are especially privileged to hear the stories of veterans who are now in our care. 


For many of us, Veterans Day is a poignant reminder of family members and friends who are no longer with us. Whether your thoughts turn to those whose service is current or past, we thank each and every one of them for making the decision to stand for all of us.


Let’s try to carry the gratitude we show today with us throughout the year, letting our veterans know how much we appreciate their service to America.