How to Show Mom You Love and Appreciate Her All Year Long

Posted: 5/1/2020 8:00 AM by Interim HealthCare
Although we've always appreciated our moms, things just seem...different...lately. We appreciate Mom more than ever, and although for many of us, we can't be physically close to our moms, we still want to show them that we care.

And as for "moms," that can mean a lot of things: birth moms, adopted moms, grandmothers, aunts, godmothers, stepmoms and everyone who has filled a mother-type figure in your life. They're all moms!

It's always a good time to show Mom that you care

So, whether you're looking to celebrate a holiday or simply show the moms in your life that you appreciate them, here are some ideas to help you show the love. 

Have a regular coffee (or tea) "date"

Whether you're in the same house, quarantined apart, living across the country -- you catch our drift! -- maknig regular time to simply enjoy each other's company (virtually or literally) is one of the smallest gestures you can make. Yet, it can have the biggest impact.

Now more than ever, we realize the profound value and comfort we find in simply being with one another. And coming together over a cup of coffee, tea or sure, a glass of wine, to gab, chat, reminisce and simply catch up is a wonderful way to show love and provide comfort to the moms in your life (and you'll reap the benefits as well).

Send care packages

Whether you're reading this post at its time of publication (which means many of us are quarantined apart) or (hopefully!) when things are more normal, care packages can be an especially loving way to provide care and demonstrate your love for Mom. 

The term "care package" is pretty vague, though, isn't it? While you can certainly send everyday items that are the most likely candidates to be included in a care package: things like pantry items, health and beauty aids, clothing, blankets and more, why not think a little more creatively? 

Maybe one month, you send Mom a "chocolate care package" that includes gourmet chocolates, and ingredients to make her favorite chocolate cake from that little bakery she loves? Perhaps another month, you send her a "taco Tuesday" care package that includes shells, her favorite sauce, and more (decorations? toppings? gift cards for more taco-themed groceries?). 

The possibilities are seemingly endless. If you're stumped, think about some of Moms favorite things -- then, go from there!

Send her a song

Few things evoke as much emotion, provide as much comfort, or help us demonstrate our love more than music. The power of music offers some tremendous opportunities to show Mom how much you care.

Does your mom have the radio on all day, every day? Call the station and see if you can dedicate Mom's favorite song to her during the next request show. Does Mom have a smart speaker? If you have access to her account, you can set up special playlists that include some of her favorite songs (plus some other surprises) that are available by a simple request to "Alexa," "Google" or "Siri." 

Or, you can get extra creative and have your kids, you, or other loved ones sing Mom one of her favorite songs. Have everyone record their serenade, then use a simple video editing tool to put them together into one, masterful performance. Mom is SURE to love the personal touch!

We're here to help you show Mom how much you care.

Whether Mom needs some extra help getting through this challenging time, or perhaps she has some extra needs that worry you throughout the year, all of us at Interim HealthCare are here to help. Our senior care services can provide crucial assistance with everyday tasks, and our specialized home care services can provide peace of mind, with medical care from experienced, compassionate medical professionals. To learn more, contact your nearest Interim HealthCare location.