Saluting Our Nurses

Posted: 5/8/2019 7:00 AM by Interim HealthCare
Jennifer Sheets, President & CEO of Caring Brands International and Interim HealthCare Inc.

While messages of thanks should never be limited to a single week out of the year, we are happy to join the nation in expressing our appreciation for America’s four million nurses during National Nurses Week. 

Having started my career as an RN, I am acutely aware of the dedication and heart it takes to serve others. I understand the sacrifices you make, the long hours and hard work you put into caring for Interim HealthCare’s patients and clients. I suspect each of you has different reasons why you do what you do. Whenever I reflect on my own “why,” I see the faces of patients looking to me for answers or hope; the faces of exhausted coworkers who fought alongside me to give a teenager another chance to make better choices in life; the faces of friends and family members as they wished they could take the place of an ailing loved one, and the face of my father as I held his hand when he drew his last breath. These faces are my “why” and my reason for continuing to do what I can to improve the lives of our patients, clients and their families. 

Whatever your “why,” I thank you for the service you provide to us and to the patients and clients you care for every day. You inspire us by your unflagging devotion to serve others. You and all the care professionals who serve Interim’s patients and clients are the heart and soul of our brand. The actions you take every day empower people to live an enriched life… because the pace of life may change, but not the potential for living it to the fullest. 

Thank you, this week and every week, for all you do to make Interim HealthCare a better company every day.