8 Reasons Home Care Nurses are Superheroes

Posted: 5/3/2019 8:00 AM by Interim HealthCare
Every day at Interim HealthCare locations across the country, our nurses are quietly changing the world. Forget Wonder Woman, Superman, Captain Marvel, or Iron Man -- some of the most important superheroes of the world are home care nurses! We truly believe that #superheroeswearscrubs

In honor of Nurse’s Week, here are 10 reasons home care nurses are true superheroes:

1. They heal with their superpowers.

Among their many superpowers is the power to heal. And what a critical superpower it is! Our home care nurses provide postoperative care to help patients recover after surgery or illness. They provide injections and help with other important treatments. And they provide critical education to empower patients in their own health goals. All in a day’s work for home care nurses!

2. They are incredibly brave.

Fighting supervillains requires incredible bravery. But it pales in comparison to the heroics flexed by nurses. There are countless stories of off-duty nurses who stepped in and saved lives. Scrubs on or scrubs off, a nurse is ALWAYS ready to step in with heroic effort.

3. They are strong.

Superman, The Incredible Hulk and other superheroes are known for their super strength. Nurses, too, require some incredible feats of strength in the call of duty. Physical strength is required to provide care and assistance to many home care patients. Emotional strength is also important for hospice nurses, and other nurses who step into the aftermath of tragedy or illness to quietly and bravely provide care.

4. They are selfless.

Whether it’s stepping in when off duty to save a life, providing critical care to hospice and other patients who rely on them, offering peace of mind to overburdened and stressed family members, or any one of the countless heroics performed by nurses on any given day, nurses perform these heroic tasks without asking for anything in return. They spend time away from family, on their feet, sometimes working strange hours, and missing out on time with family and friends to care for all of us.

Talk about selfless! ♥️

5. They stay calm amidst chaos.

Whether it’s hospice nurses, home care nurses, or nurses in any field or situation, they keep their cool, even when things are chaotic around them. Staying level headed when a patient is suffering is not something you can learn. It’s something you simply do. And for many of us, it’s not something we could do at all! Nurses are a special type of superhero, to be sure!

6. They are incredibly well educated.

Superheroes don’t just come in and use their super powers to save the day. They must know and understand their foes. Wonder Woman trained for battle for many years. Iron Man studied with his father to use cutting-edge technology. Captain Marvel learned how to fly planes.

Nurses study for many years before they can treat patients, and they are constantly staying on top of the latest developments and breakthroughs so that they can provide the best care for their patients.

7. They make you feel safe.

Just as the sight of Batman or Wonder Woman makes people feel safer when faced with calamity, nurses instantly calm and provide reassurance to patients and their families. Home care nurses are a regular site for patients and family members, and their arrival signals care.

When you’re in the hospital or the doctor’s office and are feeling scared or vulnerable, a nurse is the first person you encounter. They are there to answer your questions, put your mind at ease, and provide you with exceptional care.

8. They are humble.

Perhaps the truest testament to the heroics performed by nurses is that they look at everything as part of their jobs. Jobs they LOVE. Nurses don’t believe they’re superheroes. They just focus on being the best nurses possible.

Let’s all pledge to thank the incredible nurses in our lives.

For all they do every day, for Nurse’s Week and throughout the year, nurses deserve our respect and gratitude. And if you or a loved one could use the critical care of a home care nurse, contact your nearest Interim HealthCare location today to learn more.